Private Medical Insurance

Global medical cover policy or Expat insurance

Many expatriates in Singapore or Singaporeans who travel and work overseas may face the prospect of emergency medical care in overseas. Given that most Singapore insurers provide medical insurance coverage only in Singapore, with restricted care overseas, many such expatriates and businessmen will opt for global medical cover.

Global medical policies cover you while you are in Singapore as well as when you are working, or travelling overseas. Hence you do not have to worry which policy you need to check when you are in Singapore or other country. Depending on the countries you frequently travel to, different insurers may have their advantages and strength. Do let your broker knows your usual countries so that they can help recommend the best global plans to suit your needs.

Private medical insurance

If you want a higher medical care, or wants to cover yourself, you can get private medical insurance that offers higher quality level over your family and you that national insurance cannot afford.

For example, some private and global medical insurance does cover the hospitalisation of pregnancy, a big exclusion in most local Singapore insurance plan.

Some private medical insurance plans also cover outpatient visits such as GP and private doctors, and even cover your dental appointments.

Do find the one that suits you as we may have varying needs and concerned for our medical care. Find the one that you want beyond the usual Singapore medical insurance.