Pleasure Crafts Airplanes Yacht

You are blessed and hardworking and able to enjoy life’s pleasures. Owning a yacht, airplane or pleasure craft allows your family and you to enjoy life’s finest pleasure. Do protect damage or losses to these pleasure crafts that are tens or hundred of times more valuable than a typical car.


A private plane is used by many businessmen not for the mere luxury and comfort but more for saving time and effort for reaching your destination quickly. Save the hassle of allocated flight time and customs clearance and you can see why businessmen uses private aeroplanes for their business trips.

We can help broker proper insurance coverage at fair premium pricing, for business ownership of airplanes or personal private possession of airplanes too.

Yacht, sailing boats etc

It is a great luxury to enjoy a day off at the sea, and your boat or yacht can be damaged or lost from unforeseen events at the rough sea. A big storm may hurl the ocean’s debris, breaking parts of your boat, etc.

Do protect your luxury items with proper protection and coverage.