Jewellery, Precious Metals and Gems

There is specific insurance that covers the exceptional valuation of jewelry, precious metals, and precious gems. These items are extremely valuable and small and should definitely be insured be it located in your home or workplace.

Precious Metals, Precious Stones and Gems

Precious Metals usually refer to pure gold bullion or pure silver bullion, but can also refer to other exotic rare metals such as platinum, palladium, rhodium, etc. These can be in bullion quality of purity 99.99%, and in bars or coins.

Precious stone and gems usually refer to material such as jade, ruby, emeralds, and of course diamonds and etc.

You may collect these gold or silver bullions, stones, and gems at your home or workplace for commercial reasons or for personal reasons such as a store of value, hobby or speculations. In all cases, you need to protect yourself against loss or damages from theft, fire, and disasters.

Jewellery insurance

You may also have precious jewellery crafted from precious metals and gems, you can get protecton and coverage for these jewellery sitting in your storage and even while wearing them.

Do I need jewellery insurance if I have home protection plan?

Jewellery is one of the most sought after assets for burglars and robbers, so do make sure besides tough security measures such as surveillance systems and anti-theft measures, cover your jewellery with proper insurance and not just basic homey insurance that has a limit claim per item.

Most home insurance plan has a limit of $500 or $1000 max per item, which is probably not enough for your designer jewellery. Find out how you should get coverage for your assets.