Fine Arts and Sculptures

Are you an art lover? Do you have precious designer art pieces at your home that may have appreciated in market prices but without proper valuation and documentation yet?

Many art lovers have precious fine art and sculptures in their home or offices but had not realized that damages to these arts and sculptures can ruin their prices to almost $0.

A simple scratch, a tear, water splashed accidentally, or disastrous lightning or electric accident that burn the art, these will be extremely painful to your lovely collections and spoil your expensive assets too.

Why would I need fine art insurance if I have fire home insurance?

Your home insurance is usually standardised plans that would exclude items of exceptional value, such as jewellery and fine arts, sculptures and collectibles.

You must either highlight to your insurers on their high valuation and require documentation that they are covering or seek separate art insurance for your collection because not all insurers are capable of providing this insurance.

We are able to work with niche insurers to give proper coverage at a fair premium price, as there are only limited insurers in Singapore who can assist with this, you can be sure not all brokers or insurance advisers are confident of handling these unique situations.