Drones Insurance

Drones have been getting popular in the past few years and many people have been playing with drones as a hobby, for fun and leisure.

Drones for personal hobby or leisure

There are drones designed for racing, for photo or video taking, as well as drones with lights that people can enjoy playing with, just like kites in our older days.

There are hobbyists who can spend thousands or even tens of thousands for sophisticated drones with good technology and materials.

Just like having an expensive motor car, a drone can cause third party damage and incur lawsuits or expenses from third party.

Drones for commercial uses

Businesses are also using drones to improve their productivity and utility. There are drones used for visual inspection of hard to reach places, such as the exterior of a building, of a bridge, railway tracks and also tunnels.

Drones are also used for photography, data collection, videoing and filming for entertainment. Data collection of vast area for government or company is now very popular with drones

Drone deliveries are a reality now too and companies are starting to see how they can purchase more drones to improve their companies’ operations.

Do I need drone insurance?

For all these cases, drones are like robots and because this is such a new trend, many people are still not aware that damages or losses to drones can be devasting to your business or personal wallet.

Worst of all, third party claims can arise if your drone causes damage or injury to someone else. Lawsuits can be expensive especially if the damage is hard to evaluate.

You are insuring your car because your car is expensive and can cause other people damage, so your drone requires insurance too. Check out for good rates from a good insurance broker as this is so new and you can get the best market rate for your drone insurance.