Collectibles Insurance

Collectible insurance is a special niche insurance that covers non-standard collectibles that may not have a standard valuation like gold or jewellery.

You may have a hobby that is becoming a lot more precious and valuable than you think. The collections of your past time love and interest can be extremely valuable, especially with a historical collection.

Some examples of collectibles that are worth millions for their owners

  • vintage comics and magazines, such as special issues of Spiderman, Superman or other Marvel or DC collections
  • vintage toys, some examples are Star War collection, Hot Wheels cars, My Little Pony, Barbie, Polly Pockets etc that are worth hundreds of thousands more
  • vintage books and manuscripts
  • old posters, records, etc
  • vintage antique cars, either with working motors or non-motorised
  • antique furniture or household items
  • old collectibles such as Coca-Cola issued items, M&Ms collectors, etc
  • Old, not-in-use, older technology such as ring-phone, phone booth, phonecards
  • special notes and coins
  • special jewellery, art pieces etc

Why do I need collectible insurance if I have home fire insurance to cover?

You may have all these collectibles that are precious to your and your children but these do not come into normal protection coverage of a home or office fire insurance. You need to explicitly highlight to the insurance companies that these items are more valuable than what they may assign a value to.

Take good care of your collectibles. Check out for a proper collectible insurance.