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One of the bad thing about in insurance sector is that we get heartbroken constantly seeing news of bad incidents that leave the owners with bad financial disasters. And we face the difficult decisions on whether to show these events as a reminder to our clients. 

Some Singaporeans will feel we are pushing these news to sell insurance. The truth is, they happen on a daily scale, whether we sell ice cream or insurance.

Its very sad that these happen, and there is not much we can do on our side. We only hope to showcase these examples and hope more Singaporeans can do more to reduce accidents, buying fire extinguishers, fire blanket, smoke detectors, CCTV, routine checks etc.

And of course, insurance is a way of pooling risks, so that overall, we are better off in the long run.

Trust me, if there is a national insurance scheme for all type of general insurance that will make us jobless, I will be extremely happy selling ice-cream in a cafe.

Sincerely, Chee Wee General Manager


Tiong Bahru HDB unit destroyed by fire, cause unknown.

A unit on the 15th floor of Block 78 Indus Road was almost entirely up in flames. PHOTO: FACEBOOK / LILY NEO




Car crashes into glass panel of restaurant at Pickering Street.

The Toyota mounted a kerb and collided into the restaurant’s glass facade. (Photo: Facebook/Five Square)




Woman in hospital after Soup Restaurant served her seafood despite reminders about allergy.

Facebook/Huijin Jinnie




McDonald’s ceiling board falls, woman hit.




Equinox at Swissotel gets hygiene rating downgrade after 51 diners fall ill.

The Equinox restaurant is located on levels 68 and 69 of Swissotel the Stamford. (Photo: Facebook/Swissotel the Stamford)




8-hour battle to put out blaze at Kranji warehouse.




Warehouse blaze in Kranji put out after 8 hours; about 70 firefighters involved.

The SCDF deployed 22 firefighting appliances and vehicles and about 70 personnel to combat the fire. PHOTO: SCDF/FACEBOOK




Fire at Ban Heng restaurant in Boon Keng, no injuries reported.

Ban Heng restaurant in Boon Keng catches fire on Thursday (Jan 25). (Photo: Muhammad Shahin)




Waiter jailed 18 months after stealing $10k from Victory restaurant he worked at.

Rashid Koned was sentenced to 18 months’ jail for housebreaking and theft after stealing from Victory restaurant.PHOTO: ST FILE




Two employers fined for not maintaining work injury compensation insurance and not paying work injury compensation.




SCDF alerted to fire at Sungei Kadut warehouse.




Caught on CCTV: Five eateries broken into in VivoCity.

The restaurant’s closed-circuit television footage showed a pair who looked like a young couple. PHOTO: TNP READER