Work Injury Compensation

Who is covered under Workmen compensation Act?

Work Injury Compensation insurance or WICA insurance is required for all workers who either

  1. do manual work
  2. earning a monthly income of $1600 or less per month

Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower or MOM has a Work Injury Compensation Act (or WICA) that replaced the older Workmen Compensation Act that covers all workers earning monthly income of $1,600 and below, as well as covering all workers doing manual work.

Is WICA compulsory?

Yes, MOM has ruled that it is compulsory for companies to buy WICA insurance for those categorised under WICA.

Do I need to  buy WICA insurance if my worker does not do manual work?

Yes, you will need to buy WICA insurance as long as your worker is earning $1600 or below monthly, even if he/she is not handling manual work.

Do I need to buy WICA if my manual worker is earning high salary above $1600?

Yes, all manual workers must be covered with WICA insurance regardless of their income level.

How do I buy WICA insurance in Singapore?

The good news is WICA insurance is so competitive in Singapore because of the mandatory rule by MOM. Hence the premium for these policies is very low.

Many insurers are even not making profits out of these profits due to competition, and they only sell these policies together with other business insurance such as Group Health (to cover higher income staff in the same company) or with fire insurance, public liability, etc to cover the administrative costs of handling WICA.

You can be assured that you can get a good premium for WICA together with other products for your business.