Marine Cargo Marine Hull

If you are transporting cargo you definitely want to purchase marine cargo insurance be it by air freight, shipping or trucking. One simple accident can delay or destroy your cargo whereabouts.

For those owning your own pleasure craft, yacht, aircraft, tanker, transporter etc, marine hull insurance is ideal for you.

What is the difference between Marine Cargo Insurance and Marine Hull Insurance?

The difference is Marine Cargo insurance is covering the cargo transported, while Marine Hull insurance is covering the transporters.

Marine Cargo Insurance covers the damage or loss of goods that are carried in a vessel, aircraft, locomotive, tankers, etc. The cargo value is being insured

Marine Hull insurance is covering the damage or loss of all types of vessel, such as aircraft, locomotive, tankers, yachts, bulk carriers, etc and the machinery and equipment related to the running of the vessel or aircraft. Marine Hull insurance is also commonly known as Hull and Machinery (H&M Insurance)