Industrial All Risks

What is Industrial-All-risk insurance?

Industrial-All-Risks coverage is a bigger plan that covers the usual Fire and Extraneous Perils coverage standard components AND a wider range of extra perils such as burglary, accidental damage, breakdown of equipment and machinery and business interruption or consequential losses due to such perils.

What is the difference between Industrial All Risk and Fire and EP?

Industrial All Risk covers more than fire-related damage and the usual extra perils covered in Fire and EP plans. It combines a wider range of covers such as fire, fire consequential loss, burglary and theft, accidental damage, break downs, business interruption, and consequential losses etc.

It is designed for business to cover all these properties as much as possible with a singular plan.

An industrial-all-risk may have deductibles to keep costs low, this helps to manage high-risk events with small premium package.

If you wish to have big comprehensive coverage, this is the correct plan for you. If you just want basic cover for your small office, shop or warehouse, you may prefer to stick to the common business insurance package of Fire and Extraneous Perils plans. These are suitable for most SME and startups.