Foreign Workers Medical

Foreign Workers Medical insurance plans are designed to cover foreign workers when they are injured or sick during their term in Singapore. It provides a basic level of medical care for foreign workers.

Foreign Workers are not robots, they too are susceptible to virus, sickness and medical leave. They may also sustain injuries at work-related accidents. Medical care in Singapore can be expensive and as foreign workers have low income, this medical bill should be taken care of by the business owners.

What are foreign workers medical plans?

To protect the business from any big medical bills, one should ensure that comprehensive medical insurance is taken up for all foreign workers as well as local staff. The foreign workers’ medical plans would be cheaper as it entails basic medical coverage and only while in Singapore.

This is also necessary to come together with the compulsory WIC Insurance (or Workmen Injury Compensation Insurance) that is needed to give Personal Accident coverage and medical coverage to all workers that are earning below $1500 monthly in Singapore. The WICA or Workmen Injury Compensation Act was set up by Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower to ensure lower-income workers are protected at work by unforeseen accidents or damage to health.

If you have local staff, you should probably look to giving them Group Medical, Group Life, Group Accident or Group Critical Illness coverage instead. These are more comprehensive and protect locals medical needs with our current national healthcare system better.

Is my domestic helper or maid a foreign worker?

Yes, your domestic helper or maid is considered a foreign worker. However, they work mostly in domestic households and face different types of risks and medical requirements, so a better more suitable type of insurance is maid insurance.

Maid insurance would be similar to Foreign Worker Medical care plan, except it has more features to protect the employers from losing the security deposits, accident at home and etc.

In Singapore, most domestic helpers are from the Philippines, Indonesian, Myanmar, Cambodia.