Corporate Business Insurance

Why do you need insurance for your business?

A great businessman strives to increase his growth, revenue, and profits with as minimized risks as possible.

Our goal is to help businesses to grow in the long term, making sure that major risks can be reduced or pooled with other parties so that there is no danger of bankruptcy or company collapsing due to events beyond our controls.

You want to build a long-lasting brand and business for your family, your staff and yourself. All large corporations and medium enterprise protect themselves to ensure that their profits are for the long run.

Industrial All Risks or Fire Insurance is critical for businesses

We have heard of how big companies like CK facing warehouse fire that not only destroyed expensive stocks and equipment but also the loss of records and billing, making it tough for them to climb back.

Without a doubt, if you have a premises for your work, it is so important for you to have protection, All-Risks coverage for your places.

Please do ensure you check out Public Liability, Group Health, Group Life, Workman Injury Compensation etc for your business.

We spend years and even decades to build up our business, we need to do more than lip service to protect and cover our assets well.

Some example of corporate business insurance includes:-

  1. Commercial Vehicle Fleet Insurance
  2. Public Liability
  3. Work Injury Compensation (fka workmen compensation or workmencomp)
  4. Industrial All Risks
  5. Fire and Extraneous Perils
  6. Contractors All Risks
  7. Equipment All Risks
  8. Foreign Workers Medical
  9. Trade Credit Insurance
  10. Performance Bonds
  11. Workers’ Security Bonds
  12. Marine Cargo Marine Hull coverage
  13. Plate Glass Insurance
  14. Professional Indemnity
  15. Group Health, Group Life, Group PA, Group Dental, Group CI