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In Singapore- Why buy insurance?

At HM, we understand that Insurance usually isn’t the priority for most people or businesses. In fact, one of our clients joked that no one goes to a networking session and asks, “So, what insurance do you buy?”

We buy insurance because when bad things happen, WE WANT TO CLAIM.

When you have an insurance claim, does your agent help you fight and maximize claims?

Contact HM Consultancy for claims help.

If you have a claim issue, do email us at sales@hminsg.com even if you are not our client. We help out because, just like you, we used to be very frustrated that insurance agents are always present when selling us policies but disappeared when a claim occurred.

They may have switched career, jumped to rival insurers or for various reasons, unable to help you with your insurance claims.
We are an agency, we are always here. Email us if you have claims questions and requests.

How to make claims for travel, fire, home, all risk, maid, work injury compensations, insurance claims in Singapore?

Let HM Consultancy helps you with any general insurance claims in Singapore. We have been in this industry for decades, we can provide you with the advice that you need.

It is FREE to ask us to help with your claims. We do not need you to be our clients too because we are experts in General Insurance in Singapore.

What is Insurance consultancy in Singapore?

HM Consultancy is a different, experienced General Insurance agency in Singapore. We are a private limited company born out of frustration with the difficulties in finding a proper company that can analyze a business’s needs and reduces the long term costs and premiums for policies and coverage. We are specialists in adding value to your business via financial methods.

  1. Identify gaps in your business cover
  2. analyze your business’s needs
  3. reduce your long term costings
  4. reduce potentially your premium costs for general insurance
  5. improve your business attractiveness to clients

Business needs profit, insurance must aim to increase profit

The purpose of running a business is ultimately profit and everyone is clearly more interested in making money than understanding how to properly protect their money-making platforms.

So, what exactly is Insurance and how does it protect your financial interests?

Insurance is a contract which is represented by a policy. Businesses and individuals purchase insurance to protect their interests against risks. This is the part that is easy to understand.

However, terms like “warranty” and “condition” are jargon to many people whose bottom line is cost savings. We can understand that it is unintuitive for most of us to read through the entire policy, and even if we did, how many of us understand the wording in the correct context?

Your business may need customized insurance designed for you

We are so used to off-the-shelf products in the insurance market that most of us have taken for granted the potential pitfalls in the complexities of policy wordings. The consequences for misunderstandings or misinterpretations range from inability to claim to serious lapses in cover, or worse still, having the wrong cover and wasting premiums on a policy that does not even cover what is truly required.

At times, it may also be difficult getting cover for certain risks.

What insurance do you need for your business?

You may think all business needs fire, all-risks, public liability coverage, etc. We say it depends on what you are doing in Singapore. Check with a specialist and see what coverage you may NOT NEED, and what plans you should have.

Business insurance consultancy

Business insurance consultancy

At HM Insurance Consultancy, we understand the different situations and challenges our clients to face. We are more than a sales force or an administrative team. We are here to work through your problems and needs with you.

Consult us today because: Together we’re better.