Does my travel insurance or other life policies covers Covid-19 outbreak?

For those of us planning holiday vacations or travel to China cities, or other nearby Asia countries such as Korea, Japan, Thailand, Philippines, Taiwan etc, we may be thinking, does travel insurance covers Wuhan coronavirus?

Does travel insurance cover Wuhan flu coronavirus?

Yes, travel insurance covers if you have bought earlier. No, if you bought your travel coverage after 27 Jan.

Currently, all travel insurance would NOT cover cancellation, emergency medical treatment due to coronavirus because MFA has announced a directive for Singaporeans to cancel all non-essential travel to China cities on 27 Jan 2020.

If your travel insurance to Chinese cities BEFORE 27 Jan 2020; or your travel insurance to the epicenter city of Wuhan BEFORE 23 Jan 2020, your travel insurance company will still honor your policies. These dates are important as they mark the dates where the official warnings are sounded from either the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Singapore or from China’s government itself.

For specific details from each specific travel insurer, please scroll to the bottom for their press release.

Why is my travel insurance not covering the coronavirus Wuhan flu?

Travel insurance is meant to protect against the unexpected and would have covered you if your trip was planned before official warnings about the virus was made. Once announcements are made on the severity of the situation, the coronavirus is no longer an unexpected situation and travel insurer will add the event in their terms and conditions.

This is the same for natural disasters, protests, or other types of disruptive events. When the unexpected event is made known and announced officially, travel insurers will cease coverage for these events.

What about my term life policies? Does medical, health, hospital and surgical, medishield cover Wuhan flu outbreak of the coronavirus?

Yes, all policies by life insurance companies cover the Wuhan coronavirus unless explicitly written. Group policies would cover corona virus too if an outbreak occurs.

This is because all life and health policies are designed for the long term and insured personals purchase plans for all emergencies and events in their lives.

Medical policies such as private shield plans that cover hospital and surgical definitely cover your hospitalisation and medical needs should definitely cover a person if he is sickened with the Wuhan flu corona virus.

However, if an outbreak occurs in the long term and situation changes, insurers may adjust their policies to reflect the situation in the long run.

Travel insurance covers cancelled or delayed flights

Travel insurance covers cancelled or delayed flights

What are the travel insurers’ coverage on the Wuhan coronavirus?

These are some of the bigger travel insurer’s information on their travel insurance policies and coverage, we have copied it out here for your convenience.


In view of MFA’s advisory to defer non-essential travel to mainland China, please note that claims arising from these activities and related disruptions are deemed as a “known” event” and will therefore not be covered, if: 

  1. You have purchased a travel insurance to Wuhan on or after 11 January 2020 
  2. You have purchased a travel insurance to mainland China, excluding Wuhan, on or after 27 January 2020 

For further details, please refer to policy wordings of your specific travel product. 

Source: AXA

FWD Insurance

Please note claims arising in connection with this event will not be covered if you bought your travel policy on/after 23 January 2020, or if you travel in, to or through China on/after 23 January 2020. Claims unrelated to this event remain covered, subject to policy T&Cs. 

Source: FWD

NTUC Income

“For travellers going to Wuhan, please note that the Wuhan virus is currently considered a known event and there will be no coverage for any claims arising from the Wuhan virus for your travels to Wuhan. Travellers who have purchased their Travel Insurance to Wuhan before 8pm on 20 Jan 2020, can file a claim for Cancelling/Shortening/Postponing your trip or Trip Disruption according to our travel policy terms and conditions.” 

Source: NTUC Income


Novel Coronavirus outbreak: Dear valued customers, please be aware that our travel insurance does not cover any claims arising from the Novel Coronavirus outbreak for trips to or passing through these destinations if the policy or trip is purchased on these dates or later: 22 Jan 2020 for Wuhan, 23 Jan 2020 for Hubei Province, 27 Jan 2020 for Mainland China (excluding Hong Kong, Macau & Taiwan). As the situation develops, cover to other areas are subject to change. Please refer to the Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the latest update. 

Source: MSIG

From these announcements, it’s clear that any travel insurance purchased after specific dates will not cover you for claims made as a result of or reasons related to the Coronavirus outbreak. If you are unsure, we suggest that you check with your travel insurance provider for more details.

Importance of buying Annual Travel insurance package or buy your single trip insurance early.

No one could have predicted the timing of any virus outbreak or any natural disaster. There were SARS, MERS and now 2019-nCoV. In fact, there are other flu outbreak in Brazil and other seasonal flu outbreak in America.

No one could have predicted volcanoes, earthquakes, flash floods or forest fires too.

Similarly, man-made events such as political protests, labour strikes, airport or train station failures are hard to predict and plan in advance.

The only way we can plan in advance is to either

  1. purchase annual travel insurance policies if you fly often
  2. immediately purchase single trip insurance after you confirm your air tickets (or train, or ship tickets)

Buying travel insurance early helps to reimburse you for emergency trip disruption, postponement or cancellation when the event happens. If the event happened, and you rush to buy travel insurance, it is too late as the travel insurers would have deemed it as “expected” and stopped coverage for those big disruptive events.

Buying travel insurance early has no additional costs

Most interesting, buying that single trip policy immediately after booking your flight has no price difference compared to buying it just before flying off.

No price difference but you get extra coverage from the day you bought your travel plans to the day you returned safely to home.

I want to compare the best travel insurance deals.

Be it buying annual travel plans, or buying single trip early or in the last minute, we want to compare and get the best deal.
Find the best travel insurance from someone with more than a few insurer, so he can compare and give you the best travel insurance here.

Let us enjoy our travel in peace and joy!

Lastly, if you are straight up cancelling your travel plans due to quarantine, check out these ideas on how to spend your approved vacation leave. It would be much recommended to avoid traveling to prevent coronavirus.

Travel Insurance Covering Pre Existing Medical Conditions

Do you know that most travel insurance plans do not cover pre-existing medical conditions?

This was shared virally in Singapore recently of some Singaporeans who were on holiday overseas and had to wait for 36 hours just for an indemnity form before they can start to queue up for an emergency aircraft medical evacuation. Their insurer refuses to evacuate him until they confirm that it is not pre-existing conditions. They made the family wait and sign indemnity forms before agreeing to evacuate him back to Singapore. Paperwork > life.

Your annual or single travel insurance may not cover pre-existing medical conditions

This is not new. Most travel insurers do not cover pre-existing medical and health conditions for single and annual travel insurance plans.

For example, if you have pre-existing heart problems, and while you are overseas enjoying your holiday and suffer a heart attack, your travel insurance may not cover your medical expenses and medical evacuation and repatriation

Not every travel insurance is the same. Most travel insurance coverage DO NOT cover pre-existing medical conditions for all travel claims. Do check with your insurance adviser or insurance brokers (brokers have more than 1 insurers to offer to their clients) for travel plans that provide coverage even for pre-existing conditions.

Which insurers cover pre-existing medical conditions for travel plans?

Check with your advisors or brokers. Here are some insurers that we have asked and found that provides extensive coverage for pre-existing medical conditions for travel insurance.

  1. Sompo Insurance
  2. Liberty Travel Insurance
  3. MSIG travel insurance covers preexisting for only medical expenses for hospitalisation in overseas – limits on emergency evacuation due to pre-existing conditions.
  4. NTUC – limits on emergency evacuation due to pre-existing conditions.
Expatriate Health Insurance

In case of emergency health problems, insurance helps.

In the event of unfortunate events such that medical attention and evacuation is needed, you do not want it to be delayed just because the insurer needs to check whether the event (stroke/heart attack/coma, etc…) is a pre-existing condition not covered by the travel insurance.

We have many different ranges of insurance to help clients choose for the best coverage that they desire. We have a great travel insurance guide FAQ for every Singaporean to go to if they need to check on claims and answer their worries.

For your travel insurance, you can check out Travel Insurance Annual or Single Plans.

Travel Insurance Claims FAQ Guide

UPDATE: HM Consultancy will gladly help anyone to make your travel insurance claims FOR FREE, even if you are not our clients. We have been in this industry for more than a decade and we believe in giving back to our society without any expectations. Do let us help you with any claims issues.

We are still updating this page frequently when we have frequently asked questions to our whatsapps and emails 🙂

Contact us for general insurance inquires in Singapore

Does travel insurance cover failed or bankrupt travel agencies, airlines or hotels?

For premium travel insurance, the sum assured would be many times more than the basic. It will also include many add-on premium insurance, such as coverage of your house valuables from burglary, theft and even pet emergency at your home while you are traveling overseas.
Do check the insurer terms and conditions for more details.
In most rejection, it is usually the lack of documentation that proves the incident.
Once the claim is processed and accepted, it may take 7 more working days for them to file a cheque for you to bank in. Some insurers will also directly bank in the money in your banking account (if your travel insurance claims form has a portion for you to fill in your name and banking account details)
Yes only after there are medical claims for travel insurance. Most travel insurance companies highlighted that pre-existing conditions are not covered while the person is traveling with travel insurance. They will NOT check nor ask for documents when you purchase the policy.
Once a claim is filed, however, they may ask for medical records and to see what they can help to provide in claims.
There are more and more travel insurance that covers pre-existing conditions. In those cases, they will check medical records in the event of claims. This is to ensure that they have proper records and data for their claim records.
However, for humanitarian reasons, insurance companies do try to payout when they can, reasonably. For example, the man-made disasters of 9-11 world trade center collapse was declared by President Bush of America as a declaration of war. Both war events and terrorism events are not covered by insurance companies.
For this situation, as the number of affected are not as large scale as feared, almost all the insurance providers payout successful to all the families of the victims.
In any travel disruption caused by natural disasters and/or war or terrorism, insurers may have the terms and conditions not to pay, but it is in their interest to help the policyholders like you.
Travel insurance covers cancelled or delayed flights

Travel insurance covers cancelled or delayed flights

Is there a difference in claims quality for the same claims between different companies and pricing?

Paying more for a premium brand means you get better quality and better peace of mind.
A few years ago, a political strike in the airport at Phuket means Singapore tourists are stuck there and unable to fly home normally on their airlines.
Tourists who bought Company A Travel insurance are contacted by Company A representative, bused to Bangkok and flew home at the insurer’s expense.
Tourists who bought Company N travel insurance are bused home from Phuket all the way south to Singapore, a much longer and tiring journey.
In both cases, the travel insurers did the right thing to bring them home. Just that travel insurer A paid more money to let its customers enjoy more.
Most premium credit cards would have basic cover, especially those offering miles for spending. Most credit cards would have at least coverage for all the debt and spending incurred on the card for the user if the user met with an accident during travel.

What documents should I try to keep for travel insurance claims?

  • If you have medical treatment, do keep receipts and doctors’ notes (if any). It would be preferable to pay with a credit card so you have an SGD exchange rate noted in the credit card transaction too.
  • If you encountered crimes, do make police reports at the country where it happened so you can have the documents for claims.
  • In the event of any flight delays, do ask the airline for official notes and documentation for your claims.
  • Any problems from car rental vehicles, do have an official note and/or invoice if you have to pay for any damage caused.


Insurance Claims Guide Contact Number Email Website- Let us Make a Claim for you FREE

UPDATE: HM Consultancy will gladly help YOU to make your claims for FREE,  even if you are not our clients. Just contact us directly via email or WhatsApp.

We have been in this general insurance industry for more than a decade and we believe in giving back to our society without any expectations. Do let us help you with any claims issues (For General Insurance). We believe good deeds and kindness makes the world a better place. Contact us for general insurance inquires in Singapore

Scroll all the way down if you need any Singapore’s insurance claim department’s office numbers or email address or website.

We are updating the list to help Singaporeans with financial coverage. This should be the page for all general insurance, business insurance, fire insurance, home insurance, maid insurance, car motor insurance claims all-in-one page you should share with everyone!

If you just heard of us, the founder of HM Consultancy has been in the motor industry for more than a decade and has a great team to push for better backend work for motor insurance processing, lower premiums for motorists and businesses. 

We specialize in business insurance and motor insurance, do let us know if you need any help!


Insurance company contact and websites for Claims in Singapore

Scroll all the way down for a list of insurance company contact number for claims. The website is also listed for you to visit directly to get claims forms, documents needed, and more information on how to file for claims.

The same claims may have slightly different document requirements from different insurance companies.

General Insurance claims FAQ questions and guide

General insurance such as home, maid, personal accident, motor car, business, group health, and other personal insurance- inevitably you will face a claim. We provide some simple FAQ questions and answers in this article to see if you can get a quick answer for simple insurance claim questions.

What are the common general insurance claims in Singapore?

  1. Motor car insurance
  2. travel insurance
  3. Home fire insurance
  4. Maid injury or sickness claims
  5. Business staff accidental plans and WIC (work injury compensation insurance)
  6. Business public liability insurance
  7. Business fire insurance
  8. Group medical and dental claims
  9. Food & Beverage cafe liability insurance claims

Travel insurance claims guides

Click for Singapore’s travel insurance guides here.

Will I be able to claim if the other party refuses to cooperate? Especially for motor car insurance when the other driver refuses to report.

You should still report to your insurance and provide as many details as possible. This can be common in motor insurance claims as the other party refuse to report to their insurance and delays occur. However, if they do not report and defend themselves, the insurers will still take action with the details provided by the only party (you) and it will be one-sided. 

The claims amount will still be successful, just that it may take longer than usual.

(you may refer to the Car Insurance Guide FAQ)

Will my insurance go up if I file a claim?

No for some policies that are sold as a package. Premium will not go up for Home insurance, Maid Insurance, Personal Accident, and most simple business package insurance. In extreme examples, they may refuse to renew your policy if they are uncomfortable with too many claims.

Yes for general insurance tied to your car, business or activities. The insurance premiums for car insurance, business etc will generally go up. However, it will not go up as much as the amount of the claim. It will only go up as a means of reminding the business or policyholders to be more cautious

Do insurance rates go up after a comprehensive claim?

Yes, insurance rates do go up after a comprehensive claim. The good news is you can shop around for other insurers for better and cheaper quotes.

If you met with 2 accidents in a single year, your current insurance company in Singapore will reject to renew your policy. You have no choice but to seek another cover and pay a much higher premium.

An assessor in the insurance company will check on all your claims and ensure it fulfills their terms and conditions in your policy. Once he verifies the proof and document, he will check the maximum amount payable to you.

It does not mean your premium will only increase by half of the usual rate of insurance in a formula book for 50/50 accident claims, it merely means it is a factor in their consideration.
For some insurance cases where you do not intend to claim and you are paying out of your own pockets, it may not be necessary to call and inform your insurance company. Do keep a record of your expenses and incident though. For better advice, do check with insurance advisers for your personal situation.

Car Insurance Claims Contact and Website

(you may refer to the Car Insurance Guide FAQ)

AIG6338 6200AIG Claims Page
AXA1800 880 4741AXA Claims Page
China Taiping6389 6116China Taiping Claims Page
EQ Insurance6333 2222EQ Claims Page
India International Insurance6347 6100III Claims Page
Liberty Insurance1800 5423 789Liberty Claims Page
Lonpac Insurance6250 7388Lonpac Claims Page
NTUC Income6788 6616NTUC Income Claims Page
Great Eastern OAC6248 2660Great Eastern OAC Claims Page
Allied World (Ex RSA)6337 0911Allied World Claims Page
MSIG6337 1208MSIG Claims Page
Sompo (ex Tenet)6226 3323 Sompo Claims Page
Tokio Marine1800 2258647Tokio Marine Claims Page

Contact for all insurance companies in Singapore

Life Insurance Claims contact

Tel: 68277988
Email at

Tel: 1800 248 8000
Email at AIA Contact Email Singapore

Aetna Insurance (Singapore) Pte Ltd.
Tel: (toll-free from Singapore): 800-110-1951
Toll-free from other countries using AT&T access codes: +1-855-532-5085
Telephone (toll): +852-3071-5022
Fax: +65-6395-6747

AIG Asia Pacific Insurance Pte. Ltd
Tel: (Personal Insurance) – 6419 3000
Tel: (Business Insurance) – 6419 1800
Email at AIG Asia Pacific Insurance Pte. Ltd Contact Email 

Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty SE, Singapore Branch
Tel:  +65-6297-2529
Email at Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty SE, Singapore Branch Contact Email 

Allied World Assurance Company, Ltd (Singapore Branch)
Tel:  +65 6423 0888
Email at

Auto & General Insurance (Singapore) Pte. Ltd (Budget Direct Insurance in Singapore)
Tel:  (within Singapore) 6221 2199
Tel:  (if calling from overseas) +65 6540 2199
Email at or

AXA Insurance Pte Ltd
Tel: (Within Singapore) 1800 880 4888
Tel: (International) +65 6880 4888 
Email at AXA Insurance Pte Ltd Contact Email 

Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance Company
Tel: (For emergency Assistance) +65.3157.9720
Tel: (For claims) +65.6904.4622
Tel: (24-hour contact number) +65.6675.1168
Email at

China Taiping Insurance (Singapore) Pte. Ltd
Tel: (main) +65 6389 6111
Tel: +65 6222 1033
Email at

Chubb Insurance Singapore Limited
Tel: (For general Enquiries and Claims) (65) 6398 8776
Tel: (For 24-hour Emergency Assistance) (65) 6836 2922
Email at Chubb Insurance Singapore Limited Contact Email 

Cigna Europe Insurance Co S.A. – N.V., Singapore Branch
Tel: (toll-free in Singapore): 800 186 5047
Tel:(toll-free in the United States): 800 835 7677
Tel:(toll-free in Hong Kong): 2297 5210
Tel: (worldwide 24/7 hotline): +44 (0) 1475 788182
Fax: +44 (0) 1475 492113
Email at or

Direct Asia Insurance (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Tel: 6665 5555
Tel: (Claims Hotline – Singapore) 6532 1818
Tel: (Overseas/Emergency) +65 6603 3699
Email at or

ECICS Limited
Tel:  6337 4779
Email at

EQ Insurance Company Limited
Tel: +65 6223 9433
Fax: +65 6224 3903
Email at

ERGO Insurance Pte. Ltd
Tel: +65 6829 9199
Fax: +65 6829 9247/9248
Email at

Etiqa Insurance Pte. Ltd
Tel: +65 6887 8777
Email at

FWD Singapore Pte. Ltd
Tel: +65 6820 8888
Tel: (For Accident or Travel/Home Emergency Assistance Only) +65 6322 2072
Email at

Great American Insurance Company, Singapore Branch
Tel: +65 6221 8788
Email at

Great Eastern General Insurance Limited
Tel: (For Customer Service) 1800 248 2888
Email at: (Medical Claims Enquiries)
Email at: (LifePAClaims)

HL Assurance Pte. Ltd
Tel: +65 6702 0202
Email at:

India International Insurance Pte Ltd
Tel: +65 63476100
Tel: +65 62244174
Email at:

Liberty Insurance Pte Ltd
Tel: (Within Singapore): 1800-LIBERTY (5423 789)
Tel: (Outside Singapore): (+65) 6338 0990
Email at Liberty Insurance Pte Ltd Contact Email Page

Lloyd’s of London (Asia) Pte Ltd
Tel: 816 741 3910
Email at

Lonpac Insurance Bhd
Tel: (General Line) 03-2262 8688 / 2723 7888
Tel: (Customer Service) 03-2262 8666
Email at

MS First Capital Insurance Ltd
Tel: (Singapore) 048580
Tel: (65) 6222 2311
Fax: (65) 6222 3547
Email at (For Motor Claims)
Email at (Non-Motor Claims)

MSIG Insurance (Singapore) Pte. Ltd
Tel: (Customer Service Hotline) +65 6827 7602
Fax: +65 6827 2708
Email at MSIG Insurance (Singapore) Pte. Ltd Support Email Page

NTUC Income Insurance Co-operative Limited
Tel: 6789 9595
Email at NTUC Income Insurance Co-operative Limited Contact Page

QBE Insurance (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Tel: +65 6224 6633
Email at

Raffles Health Insurance Pte. Ltd
Tel: (65) 6311 1111
Fax: (65) 6311 2136
Email at

Sompo Insurance Singapore Pte. Ltd
Tel:  6564616555
Email at Sompo Insurance Singapore Pte. Ltd Email Page

Starr International Insurance (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
Tel: 1-855-782-7725
Email at

Swiss Re International SE, Singapore Branch
Tel: +65 6428 1800
Email at Swiss Re International SE, Singapore Branch Email Page

Tokio Marine Insurance Singapore Ltd
Tel: (Customer Care Hotline): +65 6592 6100
: +65 6223 9120
Email at (For your existing policies)
Email at (For enquiry of new policies)

United Overseas Insurance Ltd
Tel: 6222 7733
Tel: (Motor Accident Assistance hotline:) 6453 8110 
Fax: 6327 3869/ 6327 3872 (28th floor)
Fax: 6327 3870 (29th floor)
Email at

XL Insurance Company SE Singapore Branch
Email at

Zurich Insurance Company Ltd (Singapore Branch)
Tel: +65 6236 2210 or +65 6327 9820
Email at

Do note that for General Insurance, if you have queries on claims, just contact us and we will assist what we can. We have decades of GI claims experience so we will be able to help you.

This service is free, as we believe in taking good care of people.

Singapore Emergency Phone Contact Number (Police Ambulance SCDF Fire)

UPDATE June 2020 of Emergency singapore phone contact number

If you have urgent covid19 questions, you can call the Ministry of Health Singapore MOH hotline at 1800 333-9999. You may also call 1777 for a non-emergency ambulance to be taken to hospital if you have strong suspicions that you have covid19.

If you are having mental stress due to covid19, retrenchment, or problems, please do feel free to call the national care hotline at 1800 202 6868 or take a look at this national emotional support.

For people with Stay Home Notice (SHN) and you have queries about your SHN, please do call 6812 5555.

Emergency Contact to reach Singapore Government Embassy when you are Overseas

Singapore Hotline (24 hours) Tel: (+65) 6379 8000 – You can call from any phone. For specific help, from the oversea country you are in, refer to

If you are a Singapore working or travelling aboard, you may want to register with MFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) with their overseas Singaporean travel voluntary registration (confidential and only for safekeeping)

Overseas Singaporeans can check this portal for overseas Singaporeans by the Economic Development Board of Singapore.

Emergency Contact Numbers in Singapore – Important for all staying in Singapore.

If you are an American and used to 911, do note that 911 is routed to 999 emergency number in Singapore. Or you can just dial 999 for police or 995 for fire department. =)

Here are the most important emergency contact numbers in Singapore if you need them. The police, the emergency ambulance, the firemen, these few numbers below are very important (999, 995 etc)

Expatriate Health Insurance

In case of emergency

Emergency Ambulance & Fire SCDF995
Non-Emergency Ambulance:1777
Police Emergency:999
Police Emergency SMS (This Police SMS is meant for when it is unsafe or not possible for you to call 999)71999
Police Hotline:

Traffic Police Information Hotline:

For Non-Emergency communications with the Police or law enforcement, you may send the information via i-Witness, Police@SG App or email

1800 255 0000

6547 0000

Fire Hazard Reporting:1800 280 0000
SCDF General Enquiries:1800 286 5555
AVA Hotline:1800 226 2250
SP PowerGrid: (for blackouts or power failure)
1800 778 8888
NEA Hotline:

Dengue Reporting Hotline

1800 225 5632

1800 933 6483

Floods or Drain Obstructions:1800 284 6600
Building & Construction Authority:6325 7191 /
6325 7393
HDB Essential Maintenance Service Unit (ESMU):1800 275 5555 /
1800 325 8888 / 1800 354 3333
Drugs & Poison: (non-emergency, by Singapore General Hospital)6423 9119
Weather:6542 7788
City Gas :
(for any issues regarding gas leakages, or disruptions)
1800 752 1800

Singapore Emergency Phone Number Search

Singapore Police Force

Emergency Hotline: 999

Emergency SMS: 71999

Ambulances in Singapore

Emergency Ambulance (Singapore civil defence force)

Tel: 995

Non-Emergency Ambulance

Tel: 1777

An accident can be a painful emergency

An accident can be a painful emergency

Private Ambulances

Here are some private medical institutions in Singapore, look for one that is near you and contact them for an ambulance service. Be sure that your insurance policies cover you for private medical services as the costs can be many times higher than public hospitalisation.

Econ Healthcare

Hotline: 6382 8888

Blesswell Ambulance & Medical Services

Hotline: 6273 0147

AIC – AME Ambulance Services

Hotline: 6247 7080

ER Ambulances & Services

Hotline: 6222 2995

Green Crescent Mobile Healthcare

Hotline: 6788 8911

Heng Gref International Assists

Hotline: 6272 6018

Civic Ambulance Services

Hotline: 6333 3000

Private Ambulance Network of Parkway East, Gleneagles, Mount Elizabeth Hospitals

Hotline: 6473 2222

Public Government Hospitals with A&E (Accident & Emergency Services)

The government public hospitals with A&E services to serve the public.

SGH – Singapore General Hospital

Emergency Tel: 6321 4311
General Tel: 6222 3322
Outram Road, Singapore 169608
Block 1, Level 3
SGH Contact Page

KTPH – Khoo Teck Puat Hospital

Main Tel: 6555 8000
90, Yishun Central, Singapore 768828
KTPH Contact Page

TTSH – Tan Tock Seng Hospital

Emergency Tel: 63578754
General Tel: 62566011
11 Jalan Tan Tock Seng, Singapore 308433
TTSH Contact Page

KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital

Children A&E Tel: 6394 1177
General Tel: 6225 5554
100 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 229899
KKH Contact Page

CGH Changi General Hospital

Main Tel: 6788 8833
2 Simei Street 3, Singapore 529889
CGH Contact Page

NTFGH – Ng Teng Fong General Hospital

Main Tel: 67162000
1 Jurong East St 21, Singapore 609606
NTFGH Contact Page

AH – Alexandra Hospital

General Tel: 6472 2000
378 Alexandra Road, Singapore 159964
AH Contact Page

NUH – National University Hospital

Emergency Tel: 6772 5000
Main Tel: 6779 5555
5, Lower Kent Ridge Road, Singapore 119074
NUH Contact Page

Private Hospitals with A&E (Accident & Emergency Services)

These are private hospitals in Singapore that has A&E services for those people who prefer private medical services. Do note that your insurance policies should cover you for private medical services as the costs can be many times higher than public hospitalisation. If not, be sure that you can afford private medical services.

Mount Elizabeth Hospital

A&E Tel: 6731 2218
General Tel: 6737 2666
Ambulance Tel: 6473 2222
3 Mount Elizabeth, Singapore 228510
ME Hospital Contact Page

Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital

A&E Tel: 6933 0100
General Tel: 6933 0000
Ambulance Tel: 6473 2222
38, Irrawaddy Road, Singapore 329563
ME Hospital Contact Page

Parkway East Hospital

A&E Tel: 6340 8666
General Tel: 6344 7588
Ambulance Tel: 6473 2222
321 Joo Chiat Place, Singapore 427990
PE Hospital Contact Page

Gleneagles Hospital

A&E Tel: 6470 5700
General Tel: 6473 7222
Ambulance: 6473 2222
6A Napier Road, Singapore 258500
GE Hospital Contact Page

Thomson Medical Centre

24 Hours Clinic Tel: 6350 8812
Phone: 6250 2222
339 Thomson Road, Singapore 307677
TMC Contact Page

Raffles Hospital

A&E Tel: 6311 1555
Phone: 6311 1111
585 North Bridge Road, Singapore 188770
RH Contact Page

Mount Alvernia Hospital

24 Hrs Tel: 6347 6688
General Tel: 6347 688
820 Thomson Road, Singapore 574623
MAH Contact Page

Travel Insurance- Is it worth and when to buy? What are the best?

Yes, it is worth to buy travel insurance, because travel plans can get disrupted so easily. It may be some minor inconvenience like delay of flight for 6 hours or lost luggage, or it can be major problems like accidents or health conditions that require emergency care in the destination.
It may be extremely disruptive not just to your travels but your productive work life scheduled after your holidays. There are times where airports and flights schedule does not follow through. An example of natural disasters like the Bali volcanic eruption and dark skies that canceled all air flights. Or political protests in Phuket that blockade the international airport.
If you have friends who are in general insurance or life insurance, they will let you know a common open secret- travel insurance is one of the easiest claim policies in Singapore. This is mostly because of all the features and benefits that make is convenient to protect your travel scheme.
Lost luggage, delayed flights, medical illness during your holidays. All these make travel insurance worth getting it.
Do Not blindly buy any travel insurance from airlines, hotel booking sites. You can probably get a better deal, or a greater coverage annual plan from insurance brokers or agents.
There are many great travel insurance companies in Singapore, and many of the best deals depend on seasons and promotion. So if I write in here that Axa travel insurance or DirectAsia plans are the best travel promotion in 2019, it may not be true by the time you read it. For the best price, it may depend on seasonal promotion
Having said that, with the value and reputation of the travel insurers, most of the large general insurers provide great value and features for vacationers like us! The popular ones are HL Assurance, FWD Travel insurance, Chubb travel insurance, Allianz Singapore, Etiqa, Sompa etc.
You may not simply want the cheapest. It is all about value. For example, AIG travel insurance may be more expensive than NTUC Income, but they offer more. In the Phuket airport shutdown, AIG policyholders got shuttled to Bangkok for a flight home. NTUC Income policyholders got a bus ride all the way back to Singapore
AIG travel insurance buyers may have paid a higher premium but when claims come, they get a better, comfortable resolution.
Travel insurance covers cancelled or delayed flights

Travel insurance covers cancelled or delayed flights

Every insurer offers its own value, some like HL Assurance or FWD is rocking the competition with low costs, great value, some like AIG is sticking to premium pricing, with great premium coverage.
We can safely say that with great competition, every insurer is giving great value. It is not the cheapest plan you are aiming to get, nor is it the most comprehensive plan you may love it. You could get any one of the current promoted travel insurance and you will get great value because Singapore travel industry is so competitive.
Get any, as long as you are protected, it is better than forgetting!
The best travel insurance is one that covers all the major event that can cause a huge hole in your pocket, such as medical coverage and repatriation in case of emergency.
It is also one that you do not spend too much time pondering about. (Your time can be spent more productive for work, or for leisure).
Which is one of the reasons why annual plans covering all trips (or all trips in a specific region) is the best, you do not need to think and buy insurance every time you plan for a vacation or business trip.
If you are buying single trip insurance, you should do it immediately after you booked your flight or travel package from the agency.
This is because buying it immediately after you book or buying travel insurance at the last minute before you board your plane (or train, ship, car) cost exactly the same, but buying it sooner gets extra benefits at no cost.
For example, if someone meets with an emergency medical situation and has to forgo the air ticket, the travel insurance may cover that. Or if the travel agency or airline goes bankrupt and unable to honour the deal, your travel insurance may take care of the losses. If you wait till the last minute to buy insurance just on the day of departure, you will not enjoy these benefits and it is too late to seek coverage.
All these are great benefits that are stacked on with no additional fees, insurers like to encourage you to buy early. Go ahead and buy early, you never know what urgency matters occur even before your trip starts.
This is also why annual plans are great. You are covered the day you bought any flights, travel package or hotel accomodation (check your travel insurance policy for AirBnb coverage too).
Go for annual plans for any insurers, it is worth the time saved.

Is it too late to buy travel insurance? Can you buy travel insurance the day you leave?

Yes, It is not too late to buy insurance on the day you leave, in fact, you trigger most of the benefits of travel policies to start protecting you the minute you leave Singapore. The key is you have to buy BEFORE you leave Singapore/
If you landed at your destination country, or in the middle of the trip, no, you are unable to buy coverage for the trip since you left Singapore.
Do note that incidents that occurred before you bought the travel policies would not be covered. For example, if there is a travel agency bankruptcy, buying the plan later will not get you the benefits that should have been paid out.

What is travel insurance used for? Do I need travel insurance?

The biggest event that you are worried during travel is the occurrence of accidents or medical emergencies that may cost a huge bill for emergency medical treatment, and emergency repatriation back to Singapore. You want these to be covered as these are huge out-of-pocket expenses if it happens.
In the event of accidental death, a lump sum is payable to family members back home.
Travel peacefully with insurance

Travel peacefully with insurance

Other simple expenses that most package will cover are luggage losses, flights delay, thefts and loss of valuables.
You may also get covered by travel agencies closure, flight cancellation due to airline closures etc. Some package will even cover burglary or problems at your home when you are enjoying your trip at overseas.

How much does travel insurance cost? What is the cheapest travel insurance?

Basic travel insurance will cost only a few dollars per day while overseas. Even if you opt for a premium comprehensive package, it may only cost ten dollars or so per day.