E-scooter and Personal Mobility Scooter insurance (and if you are hit by them)

Do I need insurance coverage for my e-scooter?

E-scooter and Personal Mobility Scooter insurance

No, it is not compulsory to buy insurance cover for your e-scooter. However, you should get some personal accidental plans for yourself as e-scooter accidents can cause painful and expensive hospitalisation expenses.

Check with your insurance adviser too if you like to get an third party liability insurance coverage for e-scooter that covers passer-bys if they are hit by your e-scooter too.

Personal accidents do cover accidents caused by collusions with PMDs, as well as most variety of accidents in your day to day life.

Do I need to register my e-scooter?

Yes, it is compulsory to register your e-scooter. Riders of e-scooters and other PMDs are under the Active Mobility Act (AMA) which started from 01 May 2018.

You need to register your e-scooter to avoid them being confiscated by LTA and the rider being charged for not registering the e-scooter.

Is your e-scooter and PMD approved by LTA?

E-scooter and Personal Mobility Scooter insurance

All e-scooters should be under the PMD dimensions requirements and approved by LTA.

Your e-scooter should be

  1. below the maximum width of 70 cm
  2. below the maximum weight of 20 kg and
  3. under the maximum speed of 25 km/h

Check with the retailers to ensure that your model is LTA approved. You should also verify the information with LTA website information, and especially if you are buying a secondhanded e-scooter from carousell or similar app.

Buying a non-LTA approved e-scooter carries up to $5,000 fine and jailed up to 3 months. Your e-scooter may also be confiscated.

If you bought your e-scooter that was LTA approved on purchase and is no longer approved due to increasing stringent LTA rules, you will also face the same penalties for continuing using the old e-scooters and PMDs.

How do I register my e-scooter or PMD?

If you are above 16 yo and using an e-scooter, visit LTA website to register your e-scooter or PMDs. (if the rider is below 16yo, they must ask a relative or guardian to register the e-scooter on his behalf)

Just follow the steps to register your e scooter in Singapore.

If you are buying a new e scooter at a shop, ask the shop for help in registering your e-scooter with LTA. If not, you can register online DIY at LTA website too.

You can check this youtube video by LTA for more information

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When do I have to register my e-scooter by? What is the deadline date to register e-scooter and PMDs?

All riders must register their e-scooters and PMDs by 30 June 2019, and it costs $20 to register.

Each e-scooter will get a unique registration number that must be displayed on the e-scooter.

What happens if I do not register my e-scooter?

If you are on an unregistered e-scooter from 01 July 2019 onwards on public paths, you can be fined up to $2,000 and/or jailed up to 3 months. You will also face heavier penalties of $5,000 and/or jailed up to 6 months if you are a repeat offender.

Does your e-scooter comply with UL 2272 Fire Safety Standard in Singapore?

From January 2021 onwards, all PMDs must comply with the fire safety standards UL 2272. Currently, this deadline is being considered brought forward due to the high number of fire started at home while e-scooters batteries are being charged.

PMD charging fire no insurance coverage

PMD charging fire no insurance coverage

Does my home insurance covers fire started by e-scooters battery?

Most fire started by e-scooters batteries recently are not covered by home insurance. Let us explain why.

  1. HDB Fire insurance Scheme does not cover home contents, they only cover the structure of the HDB.
  2. Home Contents Insurance bought privately does cover home contents. For e-scooters, they do not cover battery fires that are caused by charging of batteries while being unsupervised. Hence, if the e-scooter battery fire occurs while the users charge it and went to sleep, or went out of the home, this even it NOT covered.
  3. E-scooter batteries that do not meet fire safety standards and are considered illegal by LTA are definitely NOT covered by home content insurances. This is to align with legal and lawful actions.

Can you get Home contents insurance that covers e-scooter battery charging?

Yes. Get a proper home content insurance, and make sure your e-scooter is legal with LTA. Charge your battery during day time when there is someone at home. This will ensure your actions are safe and the insurers will definitely cover you for unpredictable accidents that arose from the e-scooter, or other accidents beyond your control (such as kitchen fire, burst pipes, etc)

Does your Personal Accident plan cover you if you are knocked down by an e-scooter or PMD?

Yes. Your personal accident plan covers you if you are knocked down by a e-scooter. Go for the necessary medical treatment and file for claims. This is akin you walking and being met with an accident beyond your controls (such as being hit by a high rise litter, or knocked down by a car).

Accident happens at home

Accident happens at home

Does your Personal Accident Plan cover you if you are riding an e-scooter or PMD and you met with an accident?

Depends on whether you are riding escooter for work or leisure, and whether you are at fault.

No, if you are using your e-scooter for work (such as food delivery for GrabFood, FoodPanda, Deliveroo etc or courier) and you bought a Personal Accident plans for, personal uses. This is why companies or bosses need to buy general business personal accidents for all their staff during their working hours.

Yes if you are riding your e-scooter for leisure, and you get hurt in an accident, you would probably be covered by your personal accident plans.

Unless you are at clear faults, such as being drunk from alcohol or speeding at a walkway, etc. This is the same as car motorist not covered by his car insurance because he was at fault, such as beating the red light, speeding across highways, etc.

Does motorist car insurance cover accidents with e-scooter?

Yes, car motorist insurance does cover accidents with another vehicle, pedestrian, e-scooters or other PMD-users. The usual responsibilities apply, such as the motorists are definitely not covered if they are doing illegal activities with their car:- such as drinking and driving, speeding above speed limit, etc.

E-scooters accidents with car motorists are getting frequent, you will be glad to know that auto motor insurance covers liability to them too.

Check out our full 2019 Car insurance FAQ.

Why should I get personal accident plans to protect myself from e-scooter accidents?

Personal accidents plans does not just cover you for e-scooter accidents. They cover you if you fell down while walking. PA covers you if you are hit by high-rise litter. PA covers you for anything under the definition of personal accidents which is quite wide.

E-scooter is just another way where passer-bys are getting into hospitals and general clinics more and more, even when they are not at fault. Get yourself an extra protection with no increase in premiums even when e-scooter accidents are getting more numerous recently.

BTW do you know Personal accidents plans are cheaper from General Insurers (such as EQ Insurance, AIG, Tenet, India Insurance International, MSIG) compared to life insurers like AIA, Prudential, Great Eastern, NTUC Income, Manulife, AXA Life, Aviva Life etc?

Share this lifehack with your friends:- PA is cheaper from General Insurers!

Get them only from advisers who have a range of insurers to recommend.

Personal Accident- What is covered? Is the benefits necessary?

Get cheaper personal accident plans in Singapore

Is a heart attack considered accidental death?

This is a tricky situation. It depends on the situation and policy coverage. If someone had a heart attack in an office, it is probably not considered an accidental death or injury.
If someone, as an example, gets involved in a car collision and was shocked till he got a heart attack, this would be classified as an accidental situation.
If there is accidental dismemberment, the payout will help to provide you with medical treatment and support you should you have to stop your job because of your career

Does insurance cover personal injury?

All life insurance covers death of all types, no matter accident or medical or by natural means. (Except suicide in the first policy year). Medical insurance usually covers all emergencies too, including accidental injuries.
However, specific medical policies such as critical illness would not cover personal injuries.
Or specific types of policies such as hospitalisation policies will cover you if your personal injuries leads to hospitalisation. They will not cover you if your injuries lead to only clinical visits to your family doctor (outpatient to GP)
Go for General Insurers such as China Tai Ping or Indian Insurance International, EQ Insurance etc, their standard plans to cover bodily injuries, personal accidents will be ideal and cheap.

What is personal accident cover in bike insurance?

It depends on the motorcycle insurance that covers you. Most policies only provide a token sum in the event of death and dismemberment while riding the motorcycles. It may not even cover for accidents that occured without the motorbikes.
Do read the terms and conditions as many insurers have different policies terms.
The best PA insurance is the one that fits your budget and is active.
Most people neglect this protection because it is non-cash-generating (People are excited over making money, not over protecting themselves)
However this is a big mistake as accidents do occur daily around us, and the premiums for PA plans are very low and reasonable.
It costs mere cents per day to guard against this risk.
Get your PA from a General Insurer. You are saving big bucks because Personal accident Plans from General Insurers are so much cheaper than from life insurance companies.

If you need a great Personal accident plan to match your lifestyle, do contact us to have us compare a few PA plans from different insurers so as to get the best value for money plans for you.

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