Maid Insurance Broker for Maid Agencies

We have a dedicated team for managing maid insurance and home insurance coverage for clients of maid insurance agencies in Singapore.

Maid insurance is important as our caretakers are responsible for taking care of our children and the elderly in our family. We want to make sure that they are well, and we have the financial means to take good care of them if something unfortunate happens to them.

We also do not want a big financial hole in our pocket if something is to happen to them while they are working in Singapore. This type of insurance does more than protect them, it protects us Singaporeans from big expensive sudden expenses.

Not only do we deal with maid insurance for all types of Foreign Domestic Workers in Singapore; we also provide complimentary home insurance and relevant insurance that employers may choose to take up for their families and home, and we provide good incentives for the maid agencies.

Is there a difference in maid insurance for different countries?

Yes. Different countries have different requirements and bond amounts to compile with their laws and regulations. We will give proper advice based on the prevailing rules.

For example, the Indonesia government has imposed a new minimum wage for all Indonesian domestic workers in Singapore and we need to update our insurance coverage to reflect that.. The Philippines has also updated new rules for workers that are renewing their work contracts in Singapore.

Fast or instant quotes for maids coverage for these nationalities

  • Indonesian maids
  • Cambodian maids
  • Myanmar maids
  • Philippines Maids

We also provide coverage for Philippine maids, we do need to coordinate more details to provide the correct coverage for their bonds

Advantages for Maid Agencies that partners with us

  1. Get queries, quotes, and help within minutes
  2. Standardised packages or custom design maid insurance packages
  3. Dedicated service team to each maid broker
  4. Experienced in servicing small or large maid agencies
  5. Provision of incentives and bonus for domestic helpers agencies

We have a great working relationship with maid agencies because we understand what bosses want, quick fast and great customer service so that deals can be closed fast and efficient.

Fast Maid insurance quotes or packages

We have a dedicated department that specializes in working with a maid and foreign domestic workers so that you can obtain FAST quotes and services in Singapore.

We are reachable via email, SMS, WhatsApp or you can call us directly via our office line and we will reply and update you swiftly.

Our team of general insurance agents and admin officers will also help with your queries, paperwork, and all hassles so that you can focus on your completed deals and customer services. Leave the general insurance to us

Do we pass Referral and Commission for Maid Agencies?

Are you wondering about referral and commission fees for your businesses?

We aim for excellent customer service and great incentives to all maid agencies because we aim for volume bonus on our total pooled business.

Join in our pooling of maid businesses and we will be happy to give great incentives to you, we understand one thing in businesses, long term relationship only thrives from win-win partnerships.

Do maid agencies prefer in-house insurance to earn their own commissions and fees?

No longer currently. The lure of in house commission has been reduced due to the lowering of margins and commissions from the big insurers, thriving to only giving bonuses to big players.

With big hassles in managing general insurance licensing required by Singapore authorities, it may be much easier to outsource this business out and just earn from the incentive of bonus, great customer service, and faster closing rates.

In-house agents are not up-to-date with many insurers and the queries and response to customers are slower than if you partner with a professional. An expert team can provide a more satisfying customer experience to your clients and you.

Domestic Foreign Workers Maids Insurance

Domestic Foreign Workers Maids Insurance

Focus on your business and pairing of employers with their domestic helpers while we focus on you to win!

Small or Large Maid agencies?

It does not matter if you are multi-chain large maid agencies with multiple outlets all over Singapore providing a wide choice of domestic maids OR a small startup with small revenue, for us, our team is focused and will provide the comprehensive package for you and your staff.

Your staff only need to coordinate with us a few times and you will see the difference in our operations.

We set up a system so that it is hassle-free for your staff and you.

So if you are in the domestic helper maid business and need to work with a general insurance adviser, do Whatsapp or Call us on our mobile phone: +65 8163 1130
Or email us at: