Fire Safety Tips for Personal Mobility Devices PMD, Power Assisted Bicycle PAB, Personal Mobility Aid PMA at HDB Condo Landed

Electric fires at HDB homes, condos, landed home properties etc; caused by the charging of batteries are not new, and they are increasing in numbers in Singapore. In 2019, there was already more electric fires in the first seven months than the whole of 2018. Moving forward, there may be even more electric fire caused by batteries charging in 2020.

The government has responded by bringing forward six months the compulsory usage of only UL2272 fire-safety certified devices. The government has brought forward the safety deadline by six months:- all PMDs must comply with UL2272 certification from July 2020.

Fire risk caused by charging batteries

  1. Charging of PMDs (Personal Mobility Devices), such as e-scooters, hoverboards
  2. Charging of PABs (Power Assisted Bicycles), such as e-bicycles.
  3. Charging of PMA (Personal Mobility Aid), such as electric wheelchair, mobility scooter for the disabled or elderlys
  4. Charging of mobile phones (be it iPhone, Samsung, Huawei or other androids phones), tablets, iPads.
  5. Other appliances with big capacity batteries.

Electric fires can be caused when the batteries are faulty and become, bloated, exploded or overheated.

Fire Safety Tips for PMDs and PABs

Fire Safety Tips for PMD PMA PAB

Fire Safety Tips for PMD PMA PAB

  1. Do NOT charge a personal mobility device (PMD) or a power-assisted bicycle (PAB) or personal mobility aid (PMA) and leave it unattended overnight or for an extended period of time. This is not only risky as the batteries may burst into fire without anyone knowing to stop the fire, it is considered negligible and non-claimable by home contents insurance.
  2. Do NOT charge your devices near combustible materials or along an escape path (near the door etc)
  3. Do not charge the PMD/PAB/PMA immediately after use. Let the motor cool down first.
  4. Do not tamper, modify or attempt to repair PMD/PAB/PMA on your own. Refer to specialist or manufacturer.
  5. Do use a power adaptor that carries the Safety Mark and recommended by the manufacturer.
  6. Do purchase your devices with UL2272 certification. That is proof that the battery is certificated to be designed according to fire safety measures. Refer to LTA’s website ( for more information on UL2272 certification and an indicative list of UL2272 certified devices available in Singapore.
  7. Do regularly examine your batteries for any damage or deformities such as bloating, corrosion or powdery residue.
  8. Do charge your PAB/PMD/PMA on a hard, flat surface to allow optimal dissipation of heat. This is so that the area does not get too hot and start burning the surrounding.

What is UL2272 certification for PMD?

UL2272 certification means the device automatically cuts off battery charging once the battery is fully charged, thus avoiding overcharging which can cause the battery to overheat and leads to an electric fire.

Mandatory inspection from April 2020

All e-scooters owners will need to send their e-scooters for inspections to ensure that their e-scooters are compliant with safety. Currently, the government is discussing whether to have a one-off inspection or periodic inspections.

Charging of your hand phone, tablets, mobile devices.

  1. Do use manufacturer’s provided chargers or high-quality chargers that do not overcharge or continue to charge even when the battery is full.
  2. Do not charge your battery overhead next to you when sleeping. In one incident a year ago, the phone battery exploded, killing the sleeping owner next to it.
  3. Keep your charging area free of combustible materials.

Does your home content insurance cover electric fire caused by e-scooter?

If you are charging your PMD / PAB / PMA while leaving the battery unattended, home contents insurance does NOT cover you.

Such causes of electric fire at condos, landed homes, or HDB is not covered by home content insurance as it is an act of negligible for charging the battery and going to sleep or leaving your home.

Does home content insurance covers your home if your neighbour caused a fire due to e-scooter or PMD battery charging?

Yes, even if your neighbour has been negligible and charged his PMD or e-scooter unattended. This is because the insurance company understands that this is not your fault and will cover for damage caused by unintentionally by your neighbour or acts of nature.

Do note that the home insurers reserve the right to claim for damages against the neighbour for causing the fire.

HDB Fire Insurance not cover Home Contents

HDB Fire Insurance not cover Home Contents

Does HDB Fire Scheme covers your home contents caused by electric fire or any fire?

No. HDB Fire Insurance scheme does not cover your personal belongings. HDB fire insurance scheme covers the structure of the HDB and does not cover any assets, contents owned by the home owners.

You need to get a decent home content insurance package to cover your

  1. personal belongings
  2. furniture
  3. furnishings
  4. electric appliances
  5. valuable

Do not over pay for your home content insurance, get a value for money home content insurance in Singapore

HDB Fire Insurance does NOT cover Home Contents or Home Renovations

Many HDB residents have compulsory fire HDB fire insurance but they are not aware that HDB Fire insurance does NOT cover home contents nor home renovation. (Not covering furnishing, renovations, home furniture etc)

This is why it is so important for you to seek out insurance agencies to cover your home coverage. Insurance agents do not actively go sell this insurance as it has very low commission for them. You must get a good coverage for your home as your home is probably the most expensive item you have bought.

This article is on 22nd July 2019 and demonstrated how so many HDB flat residents lost their fortunes, met with high hospital death (and in some cases funeral costs) without insurance compensations.

HDB Fire Insurance not cover Home Contents

HDB Fire Insurance not cover Home Contents

What is covered under home contents insurance? What are these that are not covered by HDB Fire insurance?

What are these that are not covered by HDB Fire insurance?

Home contents insurance covers these:-

  • their precious personal belongings
  • furniture
  • electric appliances
  • renovated furnishings

These are home contents that are NOT covered by the HDB fire insurance scheme but can be easily covered by any affordable plans offered by the numerous fire insurance companies in Singapore.

HDB Fire insurance does not cover home contents, does not cover PMD (Personal Mobility devices) such as e-scooter, e-bicycles that are charged at home and cause fire.

What does HDB Fire insurance coverage covers?


What does HDB Fire insurance coverage covers?

The HDB fire insurance scheme was introduced to protect HDB INTERNAL structures, fixtures as well as area built and provided by HDB.

What does fire insurance plan cover for HDB?

They protect HDB’s assets, not the HDB residents. This is so that HDB does not need to ask for the HDB flat dwellers for compensations on repairs works after any fire accident. HDB can simply claim from the fire insurance company, which collects the necessary premiums from the HDB owners yearly.

Till 15 August 2019, the 5-year premiums (including 7% GST) are as follows:

Flat Type5-Year Premium (Including 7% GST)Sum Insured
2-room/ 2-room Flexi$2.50$26,300
Executive/ Multi-Generation flats$7.50$98,200
Studio Apartment (Type A)$3.50$29,000
Studio Apartment (Type B)$4.00$37,200

This is also why HDB fire insurance is so cheap, it only covers the structures of the HDB flats and not on the flat residents’ furniture, furnishing, and belongings.

Is HDB fire insurance compulsory?

Yes, it is compulsory for all HDB flat owners with HDB mortgage loans to buy basic HDB fire insurance. If you have a bank loan for HDB, the bank will almost certainly require you to buy fire insurance from their appointed insurers partners too.

HDB and banks do not want their assets to be without cover.

Do I have fire insurance?

Probably no. You may have the compulsory HDB structures fire scheme, but most likely you do not have fire insurance for your home contents.

In the Straits Times report on 22 July 2019, more than 50% of all HDB residents do NOT have Home Content Fire insurance.

You should probably speak to an agent with more than a few comparison insurers for the best value for money plan.

As a condo owner, does condominium MCST has fire insurance?

No. Even if your condominium MCST has fire coverage, it would be for the structural and common assets, NOT for your own personal belongings.

How much does fire insurance cost?

Very little. A basic home contents plan will cost you less than $50 a year or $4 a month. Yes, barely $50! Even more premium and wider coverage plans cost you barely $10-$30 a month. Singaporeans generally treasure their belongings at home and tend to choose the popular wider coverage home contents insurance.

Even for condominium and landed property owners such as bungalow, semi-detached, etc, fire insurance coverage for your home amounts to only a few cents or dollars per day. Some costs less than $200 per year.

HDB Fire Insurance does not cover home contents

HDB Fire Insurance does not cover home contents

How do I claim for fire insurance?

For HDB fire insurance scheme, HDB can claim directly with the appointed fire insurer, and an officer will probably need you to help in providing the situational report on the fire.

For home content fire insurance, you can refer to the insurers’ website for the correct forms or refer to your fire insurance brokers. Update your insurers fast because they need to check the scene as soon as possbile before you start cleaning and clearing away the debris.

You can also contact us directly for help.

Does home insurance cover fire caused by PMD charging?

If a fire is caused by a PMD (personal mobility device) charging while you are at home and not sleeping, home content insurance usually covers these fire or accidents.

However, if your PMD such as E-scooters battery is charging unsupervised while you are asleep or not at home, any fire or accidents that occurred would not be covered by your home contents insurance.

Do NOT charge your PMD batteries unsupervised.

Which home fire insurance is best in Singapore?

Which home fire insurance is best in Singapore?

The home insurance that you have paid and is active in covering your family home.

There are 101 different fire and home insurance in Singapore, and thanks to MAS, all General Insurers are regulated with proper financial assets to back their protections.

The best insurance plan is useless if you are not under it. Get something fast and get it over with quickly because there are too many people who are procrastinating and regretting it when “it won’t happen to me” happens.

How do I get fire insurance?

Get it from a trusted fire insurance broker. HM Consultancy works with many insurance companies to get affordable and value for money plans for their clients. If you do have special cases, such as more sentimental or valuable belongings in your home for assessment, you can contact us for customised plans.

HM Consultancy has worked with condominiums, landed properties such as good-class bungalows, semi-detached, terrace as well as HDB flats for home and fire coverage. Not only that, we have done specialised cases for people with unusual art works, drones, electronics at home too.

Do check HM Consultancy for the best home fire insurance coverage.

Fire is costly and disruptive to business & home owners

Most of us, be it homeowners or businesses think the most a fire can do to our belongings and properties are just destroying it and end-of-story.

UPDATE: 23 July 2019 – another fire caused by charging batteries of PMD

SINGAPORE – A personal mobility device (PMD) left to charge in an Ang Mo Kio flat early on Monday (July 22) exploded in the afternoon, causing a fire that destroyed the flat and damaged two neighbouring units.

PMD charging fire no insurance coverage

PMD charging fire no insurance coverage

Home contents Fire Insurance does not cover unsupervised charging of PMD batteries

Please note that many insurers, even when you buy home contents insurance does not cover your home due to e-scooter charging overnight with no supervision.

In this case, the adults left the e-scooter to charge and they left the home without anyone, the fire insurance would NOT cover this case due to unsupervised charging of PMD (personal mobility device)

It is a lot more damaging than that (you won’t understand the weeks or months disruption until you encountered one)

And if a fire happens to a neighbour, you may think its no big deal to me!

Fire affects everyone, even those unburnt

A FIRE, even only on a neighbour and not on your site, can be very disruptive to your business and life.

The aftermaths of a fire can be extremely costly to a neighbourhood.

You now face blacked surroundings, and you are also left with severe waterlogging (from firefighting activities) and cleanup work to be done. Your businesses cannot resume without all these works.

And even after restorative works are completed, your business may not be continuing as per normal:- your usual customers may shun you.

Is Fire insurance more expensive?

A cheap yearly annual fire insurance or business insurance or the risks of loss of capital, loss of income and painful restorative payments.

A fire gutted Ang Mo Kio shophouses on 5th July 2019 and the damage was painful. Not only that, patrons and customers stayed away from the area.

Taken from Straits Times

The fire, which has affected the supply of power and electricity to the block, has resulted in Mr Leong losing about 50 per cent of his usual business.

“We are safe and we are lucky we can still open, but there is no phone line here, which means my customers cannot make bookings and can only pay with cash. Even when they walk in, they do not want to stay because there is no Wi-Fi,” he said.

Mr Leong is not alone, as other shopkeepers and employees also bemoaned the lack of Internet service and for some, electricity.


Fire is bad for homeowners

Thankfully, if a fire occurred and your family and you are safe, bless you!

Roughly 100 residents were affected by a single household fire on 24 June 2019.

In a video posted by Facebook user Dahlia SenSasi, thick black smoke is seen billowing out of the fourth-floor corridor as at least six firefighters break into the corner unit where the fire is raging.

People can also be seen knocking on doors on the other floors to alert residents of the incident. A total of 100 residents were evacuated by police, said SCDF.

However, the bad news:- a fire engulfed your personal belongings, your important memory, and sentimental stuff, there are more….

You have to spend more money to restore your structure, your furnishing and redo furnitures for your home.

Damages caused by neighbour’s fire in HDB, Condo or Landed

If you are a neighbour, not only do you have to feel heartpain for your neighbour’s poor stroke of luck, you probably have to fork out plenty of money to clean up your home. If you are above or near him, you have to repaint the walls, throw away furnishing, clothes, furnitures that are damaged with bad smell and smoke.

If you are below him, you will have to deal with severe water damage.

If you are cautious about money and financials, you will realise something:- a fire insurance is the best thing you can to protect your finances.

Don’t just buy fire insurance, get a proper business or home coverage at the best value-for-money, don’t overpay for coverage you may not need. Do not over pay for your insurance cover.

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What is covered under Home Insurance? Fire, Flood, Burglary?

All home insurance plans should cover fire, flood, burglary and other common disastrous events.

What else is covered under a home insurance policy?

Besides fire, flood, burglary, other features and benefits are offered by different insurers. The good thing about competition is that we get to enjoy many extra such coverage features at little or no extra costs.
For example, some home insurance policy covers food spoilage that occurs from electricity tripping.

Is it necessary to have home insurance?

Yes. For most of us, our home is the biggest expenses of our lives, so we want to protect this asset that we live in.
You have to ensure this even if you stay in HDB flats, an EC (executive condominium), private condominium or landed properties (bungalow, semi-detached, etc)

Does all HDB owners have to buy compulsory home insurance?

Yes and no. HDB has compulsory basic home insurance that covers the structures of your HDB home. It does NOT cover your home content, furniture, and most fixtures. This is why it is so cheap, it only provides basic protection that helps HDB to protect their structure.
If a homeowner met with a fire at his home, he would most certainly be surprised when most of his contents and furniture are not covered.
This is why you must buy home insurance to protect yourself.

Do condominiums and landed homeowners need home or fire insurance?

Yes. Their fixtures are more costly, and their furniture and contents will be more valuable in general. Condo stayers will also have to compensate any losses to their condominiums MCST (Management Corporation Strata Title) common areas.
Fire on landed property- Home insurance

Fire on a landed property- Home insurance

They will also be responsible to their neighbors for any fire outbreaks or flood (from burst pipes) that arose from their homes. The public liability and legal fees that arise from the fire causing damages to your neighbours may cause you even more losses than your own damages.
It is extremely important for all landed property owners and condo owners to purchase comprehensive home protection plans.

What coverage should I have for homeowners insurance?

Fire, flooding, public liability should be the standard for all home insurance. Then you look at the bell and whistles and decide whether they are worth it.

What does home owners insurance cover?

The usual coverage is for accidental fire, flooding from burst pipes, weather conditions (especially for landed homes or if you are staying at ground floors), break-ins burglary and thefts, etc.
Home insurance policies may offer public liability coverage so that they can take care of any lawsuits by visitors who are hurt at your properties. This work the same as public liability for shops, corporate offices, and industrial premises.

Does home insurance cover damage to other people’s property?

Yes. This is similar to covering someone who got injured while at your home. A visitor may sue for damage to his/her property that is damaged while visiting your property. For example, he may park his car at your place and a fallen tree branch damaged his windscreen and scratched his car. If he pleads for damage, your home insurance policies may help to cover his demands.

What are some home insurance policies comparison in Singapore? TIQ, FWD, Aviva home insurance?

TIQ Home insurance, FWD, and Aviva are some of the more popular home protection plans in Singapore. These 3 are popular not just because of the heavy advertisements on our local television and radio broadcast, but they offer value for money and great standardised assurance plans. FWD insurance has caught up with traditional players in 2019.
Besides these few, there are other strong competitors such as AIA Elitecare, AIG, Sompa, China Taiping, Tenet, Liberty Insurance, India Insurance, etc that gives a great value for money package.
Do contact us to see what is the latest promotion and worthy long term package for your home, as different insurers may have the ideal plans meant for your landed properties, your condo or your HDB flat.
Do not mix up mortgage term protection insurance plans with a home protection plan. The mortgage term is usually covering the death of the payer of the bank loans. The banks want to make sure that if the payer of the home loan suffers a premature death, they can recover the bank loan via insurance payout.

Is mortgage term plan a home protection plan?

A mortgage term plan is not related to home protection policies.
Home insurance is not Mortgage Insurance but both save your home

Home insurance is not Mortgage Insurance but both save your home

For some home policies, there may be features or riders that cover lost items that occurred at home. This is not common and may be designed for special situations.
Yes, you can, but the more common way is to solve the outstanding issues via mediation and agreeing to a common solution. Both insurer and you would not like to pay the expensive lawyer fees and insurance companies hate legal battles too.
Technically the usual disputes is when claims occur and the valuation of the content lost is in dispute. Or your neighbour may suffer a loss from a fire that started off in your home’s kitchen and he may sue you for the damages, and the home plan insurer will take over the legal liability to help you with the payments.

Does a landlord need a homeowner protection plan?

There are home protection policies that are tailored especially for landlords and guard against irresponsible tenants. These policies are special and ideal if you are a landlord for your home coverage.

Does a tenant need a home insurance cover?

There are home insurance cover plans that are designed for tenants and to protect the tenants’ interests against unfavorable events too. These are great policies if you are a tenant and like to protect your own contents and interests at an affordable costs