What is Expat Insurance and what does it cover?

Expat insurance policies (Expatriate insurance) is coined to refer to one or a few policies combined that cover expatriate working in a country that is not his home country. The main Expat policy coverage refers to global medical coverage (such as hospital and dental coverage) because the expatriate does not enjoy local medical subsidies by the local government.
Additional expat coverage would be for home contents cover, personal liability, emergency evacuation.
For most expats, they are surprised at how decent premiums can be in Singapore. Many of them even bought long term plans in Singapore as it can be cheaper than their home countries.

What is Expat health insurance?

Expat health insurance is the usual name for global medical insurance, an international plan to cover the expatriates and his families living or working aboard. This is the main coverage every expatriate is concerned because they are working far from their home and national health care system.
Expat insurance health policies usually are global in nature because the expat is expected to travel between two countries minimally. (his home country and the country he is working in). They will cover inside and outside his home country.
Expatriates in Singapore may buy the local medical and dental coverage as well as a global medical health care package.

What is international health insurance?

International health insurance covers you in different countries for a long period of time (if needed) and is meant to pay for different healthcare systems across different national boundaries. It is designed for working expatriates that may travel in their home countries, working countries and so will require medical insurance that covers there no matter where they happen to be at.

Expatriate Health Insurance

Expatriate Health Insurance

It is more comprehensive in medical coverage than travel insurance that is designed only for short term stay and emergency repatriation back to home country for medical treatment.

What is the best medical travel insurance?

Yes, foreigners can buy local health insurance and various term insurance such as coverage for personal accidents, premature death, critical illness, personal liabilities, etc. The national healthcare insurance system is open to foreigners and designed for basic medical care. However, the local higher tiered system not be suitable for foreigners, it is far better for foreigners to stick to global medical plans for the same dollar premiums’ value.
If the foreigner wishes to buy insurance policies that generate investment or cash value, he should be working in Singapore and has an income. This is an anti-money laundry measure.
Or you may want to start with a regional plan while working in Singapore. Some expatriates may want to stay in Singapore for the long term and will be able to purchase great local plans designed to use existing government health plans offerings.
No, Singapore has government and private hospital that requires medical insurance or payment. There are schemes to ensure even the poorest and the needy locals have basic medical treatment if they cannot afford it. However, these are usually basic treatment and exclude expensive treatment.
The local government does not want to proclaim free healthcare because they prefer the idea that all citizens must co-pay what they can afford.
For foreigners, there is definitely no free healthcare.

No in most cases. Most local normal healthcare does not cover overseas coverage. Some do provide reimbursement for emergency hospitalization at overseas, but only for the basic expense level if it had occurred in the base country. The onus on this healthcare is to get the patient back to his home country to enjoy his national healthcare subsidies (if any).

Even countries with universal healthcare may help out of humanitarian reasons, but they have no obligation to treat non-citizens. Their priority is to take care of their locals, and foreigners will be preferred to be sent back to their home countries.

This is why all expatriates will prioritize to seek great international health care policies as part of their expat insurance package.

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