Compulsory Insurance that MCST and MC needs (Contractor All Risks, Fire Insurance, Public Liability)

There are numerous general insurance that is legally required by MCST (Management Corporation Strata Title) or MC (Management Committee) to have their landlords and tenants to have for their properties, in order to protect other property owners and themselves. Some examples are basic fire insurance for the building and structure or public liability insurance that some MCST makes it compulsory for landlords.

Beside mandatory general insurance, some insurance that is good to have are contractors all risks insurance, glass liability, etc, etc. You may find more details in this article

What is MCST?

MCST stands for Management Corporation Strata Title and refers to the management body of a building (usually a condominium or building shared with many office owners or shop owners). The management body handles the routine maintenance and caretaking of the building. Periodically, the MCST will handle annual reports, AGM (annual general meeting) and handling of pollings for renovation, refurbishing, change of designs, and enbloc affairs.

The MCST is usually a single corporate set up to manage the building or it can be a large corporation MCST managing many different buildings to pool resources and for economies of scales.

What is MC?

In many cases, the MC is a short form of referring to the MCST.

In some cases, residents refer to MC as the management council, a representative body that is elected from residents or owners of properties in the building.

Almost all affairs of daily maintenance of the building will be handled and referred to the MCST.

What are some insurance that MCST should ask property owners to protect the building and their properties

Here are some insurance that is critical for protecting the properties and MCST

  1. Fire insurance (All risks) for the structure of the building
  2. Public liability (especially for commercial building)
  3. Contractors All Risks (CAR) insurance for landlords who are renovating.

Fire insurance All Risks Insurance for MCST and building owners

A devasting fire can cause the structure of the building to be severely affected and it is going to cost a big sum of engineer fees to assess and certify the building is safe and able to operate as normal.

PMD charging fire no insurance coverage

PMD charging fire no insurance coverage

If the civil engineer finds that the building’s structural integrity is badly damaged in the fire, the building can be deemed a risk, and steps must be taken to rectify the damage. The worst scenario (not unthinkable) is that the building is a total loss and the MCST and landlords must take action to demolish the building at its costs.

This is why fire insurance all risks coverage for the building and structure is so important as the cost of such an event is high and devasting.

All HDB owners are required by law to buy fire insurance of the structure (covering only the building and not the belongings and furnishing in their own homes) precisely because they are worried of devasting events that render a building unliveable.

MCST can also request landlords to have better fire insurance coverage to cover common areas and their own private area liabilities to have peace of mind.

Public Liability policy for commercial building MCST

For many commercial buildings, the public is allowed to enter and use the facilities in the building. A public liability policy helps the MCST to answer any disastrous event that may happen to a member of the public.

A simple case would be someone falling down due to the slippery floor from a rainstorm. The person may sue the building for not managing the wet floor properly due to bad rain cover design or lack of a warning sign.

Ang Mo Kio shophouse fire disrupted business

Ang Mo Kio shophouse fire disrupted business

Other examples can be of visitor cars damaged by trees falling or items dropping from higher heights damaging the visitor’s cars.

A simple public liability policy can help answer any legal or liability case arising from public’s disputes with the MCST

Contractors All Risks to cover landlords and MCST

All buildings will have new landlords or new tenants moving in and out over the years. And any new landlords or tenants may want to do a heavy renovation or simple retrofitting of the premises.

An inexperienced renovation contractor or even an experienced one can have accidents that damage common corridors, common shared facilities or damage building pipes, wires, etc.

Renovation Contractors All Risk Package

Renovation Contractors All Risk Package

In some cases, renovation work may damage nearby neighbour’s properties and incur high hotel bills if the resident needs to live somewhere else temporarily. Some unfortunate cases have occurred where neighbours got injured and racked up high medical and hospital bills to be paid by the renovating units.

Most residential MCST now insists the renovation contractors sign indemnity forms to compensate them in the event of accidents or mishaps. However, we know that many contractors in Singapore are small businesses and would not survive a big financial setback.

The MCST would have no way to seek compensation if the business goes bankrupt. Hence the recent trend is for MCST to request for the contractor and the renovating units to purchase Contractors all risks insurance to cover the period of renovation.

You can refer here to our MCST insurance solution.

f your MCST or you need any more information, feel free to email HM consultancy at sales @ hminsg. com or whatsapp us at 82003255




4 Myths for car drivers that waste your money, petrol and car engine

There are lots of wasteful practices that we motorists practice that waste our money, and worse of all, make our cars even worse off than before.

For example, using “higher quality” octane oil, changing the engine oil regularly or warming up your engine that actually damages your car parts… Let us explore 4 big myths for drivers

  1. Do you need to warm up your engine before you drive?
  2. Do you need to change the engine oil regularly?
  3. Do you need regular engine tune-ups?
  4. Do you need high octane petrol? VV power anyone?

1) Do you need to warm up your engine before you drive?

Many drivers all over the world believe in this myth that you need to warm up your engine before you drive, especially on cold days (due to rainy or snowy weather). Start your car engine, wait for a few minutes to let your engine to reach its optimal temperature before driving. This is what mechanics thought too and advise us that we will maintain our car engines for the long term.

This is a myth.

Car engines do NOT need to warm up.

Once you start the ignition, you are ready to start driving. It is far BETTER to just drive off than leaving your engine idling to warm up.

Your car engine has different parts and oil that takes different time to warm up to full capacity, so if you leave it to idle, it will experience MORE wear and tear.

If you are still not convinced, despite the evidence shown by carmakers and mechanics, think about this logically:- when your engine starts, it is producing power when you are driving off or when it is idling, so what is the difference? You may as well channel the power into the wheels and move off instead of wasting the power to… nowhere.

Additionally, when you are driving off, you are channeling power and helping to warm up your transmission, wheel bearings, catalytic converter, etc that does not get warmed up if you merely idle your engine.

Your catalytic converter needs to get to operating temperature and only does that when you are driving off instead of idling, so you are omitting fewer greenhouse gases and less toxic fumes, all the better for your children.

The clever motorist stand:- Do not idle, drive off immediately, just don’t floor the accelerator.

4) Engine Oil change- change it regularly every 5000 km

You probably heard this from the car workshop, you should change the oil and filter every 5000 km or earlier, to better maintain your car and improve its longevity.

This is a myth and comes from the older days where oil technology was relatively new, and car engines are still in its beginning. Currently, there are even car mechanics who support using mineral engine oils that only last 3000 kms, for “better engine”.

Synthetic engine oil lasts a lot longer now

Most synthetic engine oil is engineered to last at least 12,000 km and tested to last more than 32,000km. That’s a lot more than the usual 5000km or 8000km our car workshop guys tell us.

You can even check the back labels of synthetic motor oils, a lot of brands outright advocate changing only after more than 12,000km or 20,000km. Even major carmakers or big mechanic workshops call for changing oil only after 12,000 km or 16,000 km

The clever motorist: Use synthetic engine oil, check the labels and go for the longer advocated period before changing it. Its safe.

3) Regular engine tuneups

This is less so for new car owners now, but many older car owners (and their mechanics) still insist on regular engine tune up every 6 months or so.

Motor Insurance 50 NCD

They warned you if you do not visit them regularly, you will face car breakdowns often!

Do you know what they will do in those engine tuneups?

Change your air filter and spark plugs. That is all for an expensive “engine tuneups”.

Engine tuneups are outdated. Normal servicing is fine

All new cars now have computer chips that regularly check the electric and mechanical components of your cars without the need for mechanics and their prying tools to check if the engine or transmission is fine. Your motor car is actually tweaking your engine for best performance, something that we do take for granted (and most of us won’t even know this)

The clever motorist: Skip the expensive overhaul or regular engine tuneups. Normal servicing is fine.

4) Is High Octane petrol for a better engine and a better ride?

The petrol companies have lots of marketing power on this: get their superior premium high octane petrol! VV-power or Platinium Grade for better engine and a great car ride! You can go faster on higher octane premium petrol. Or you can get more kilometres per litre of petrol, and hence save money in the long run!

Most cars do not need nor use effectively high octane petrol

High octane petrol or high premium graded petrol is designed for high-performance supercars, their engines squeeze the petrol in a tight piston setting that may set the petrol prematurely off in the engine, something known as “knocking”. This actually is not a bad thing, their engines are designed to last through these premature explosions, but higher octane petrol helps these engines to reduce these knockings or premature explosions.

What about the normal cars we drive? Be it continental car, American cars, Japanese or Korean car, the vast majority of our cars uses a normal engine that does low compression, and have no issue with premature explosions. This means using higher graded petrol does not change anything for your engine or you.

Your car would not go faster, or get more mileage from higher octane petrol. It is just a measure of how it can prevent knockings in your engine for those supercars.

Unless you drive a supercar (and definitely need special car insurance), you are fine with normal octane petrol. Just check with your car manual or google your car model for the minimum octane petrol you can use.

In America the usual octane most drivers use are 87 or 89 octane, far lower than the usual 95 octane or 92 octane we uses in Singapore or Malaysia.

The clever motorist’s take:- use the lowest octane your car allows. Don’t waste money on VV power grade petrol.

Insurance Claims Guide Contact Number Email Website- Let us Make a Claim for you FREE

UPDATE: HM Consultancy will gladly help YOU to make your claims for FREE,  even if you are not our clients. Just contact us directly via email or WhatsApp.

We have been in this general insurance industry for more than a decade and we believe in giving back to our society without any expectations. Do let us help you with any claims issues (For General Insurance). We believe good deeds and kindness makes the world a better place. Contact us for general insurance inquires in Singapore

Scroll all the way down if you need any Singapore’s insurance claim department’s office numbers or email address or website.

We are updating the list to help Singaporeans with financial coverage. This should be the page for all general insurance, business insurance, fire insurance, home insurance, maid insurance, car motor insurance claims all-in-one page you should share with everyone!

If you just heard of us, the founder of HM Consultancy has been in the motor industry for more than a decade and has a great team to push for better backend work for motor insurance processing, lower premiums for motorists and businesses. 

We specialize in business insurance and motor insurance, do let us know if you need any help!


Insurance company contact and websites for Claims in Singapore

Scroll all the way down for a list of insurance company contact number for claims. The website is also listed for you to visit directly to get claims forms, documents needed, and more information on how to file for claims.

The same claims may have slightly different document requirements from different insurance companies.

General Insurance claims FAQ questions and guide

General insurance such as home, maid, personal accident, motor car, business, group health, and other personal insurance- inevitably you will face a claim. We provide some simple FAQ questions and answers in this article to see if you can get a quick answer for simple insurance claim questions.

What are the common general insurance claims in Singapore?

  1. Motor car insurance
  2. travel insurance
  3. Home fire insurance
  4. Maid injury or sickness claims
  5. Business staff accidental plans and WIC (work injury compensation insurance)
  6. Business public liability insurance
  7. Business fire insurance
  8. Group medical and dental claims
  9. Food & Beverage cafe liability insurance claims

Travel insurance claims guides

Click for Singapore’s travel insurance guides here.

Will I be able to claim if the other party refuses to cooperate? Especially for motor car insurance when the other driver refuses to report.

You should still report to your insurance and provide as many details as possible. This can be common in motor insurance claims as the other party refuse to report to their insurance and delays occur. However, if they do not report and defend themselves, the insurers will still take action with the details provided by the only party (you) and it will be one-sided. 

The claims amount will still be successful, just that it may take longer than usual.

(you may refer to the Car Insurance Guide FAQ)

Will my insurance go up if I file a claim?

No for some policies that are sold as a package. Premium will not go up for Home insurance, Maid Insurance, Personal Accident, and most simple business package insurance. In extreme examples, they may refuse to renew your policy if they are uncomfortable with too many claims.

Yes for general insurance tied to your car, business or activities. The insurance premiums for car insurance, business etc will generally go up. However, it will not go up as much as the amount of the claim. It will only go up as a means of reminding the business or policyholders to be more cautious

Do insurance rates go up after a comprehensive claim?

Yes, insurance rates do go up after a comprehensive claim. The good news is you can shop around for other insurers for better and cheaper quotes.

If you met with 2 accidents in a single year, your current insurance company in Singapore will reject to renew your policy. You have no choice but to seek another cover and pay a much higher premium.

An assessor in the insurance company will check on all your claims and ensure it fulfills their terms and conditions in your policy. Once he verifies the proof and document, he will check the maximum amount payable to you.

It does not mean your premium will only increase by half of the usual rate of insurance in a formula book for 50/50 accident claims, it merely means it is a factor in their consideration.
For some insurance cases where you do not intend to claim and you are paying out of your own pockets, it may not be necessary to call and inform your insurance company. Do keep a record of your expenses and incident though. For better advice, do check with insurance advisers for your personal situation.

Car Insurance Claims Contact and Website

(you may refer to the Car Insurance Guide FAQ)

AIG6338 6200AIG Claims Page
AXA1800 880 4741AXA Claims Page
China Taiping6389 6116China Taiping Claims Page
EQ Insurance6333 2222EQ Claims Page
India International Insurance6347 6100III Claims Page
Liberty Insurance1800 5423 789Liberty Claims Page
Lonpac Insurance6250 7388Lonpac Claims Page
NTUC Income6788 6616NTUC Income Claims Page
Great Eastern OAC6248 2660Great Eastern OAC Claims Page
Allied World (Ex RSA)6337 0911Allied World Claims Page
MSIG6337 1208MSIG Claims Page
Sompo (ex Tenet)6226 3323 Sompo Claims Page
Tokio Marine1800 2258647Tokio Marine Claims Page

Contact for all insurance companies in Singapore

Life Insurance Claims contact

Tel: 68277988
Email at

Tel: 1800 248 8000
Email at AIA Contact Email Singapore

Aetna Insurance (Singapore) Pte Ltd.
Tel: (toll-free from Singapore): 800-110-1951
Toll-free from other countries using AT&T access codes: +1-855-532-5085
Telephone (toll): +852-3071-5022
Fax: +65-6395-6747

AIG Asia Pacific Insurance Pte. Ltd
Tel: (Personal Insurance) – 6419 3000
Tel: (Business Insurance) – 6419 1800
Email at AIG Asia Pacific Insurance Pte. Ltd Contact Email 

Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty SE, Singapore Branch
Tel:  +65-6297-2529
Email at Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty SE, Singapore Branch Contact Email 

Allied World Assurance Company, Ltd (Singapore Branch)
Tel:  +65 6423 0888
Email at

Auto & General Insurance (Singapore) Pte. Ltd (Budget Direct Insurance in Singapore)
Tel:  (within Singapore) 6221 2199
Tel:  (if calling from overseas) +65 6540 2199
Email at or

AXA Insurance Pte Ltd
Tel: (Within Singapore) 1800 880 4888
Tel: (International) +65 6880 4888 
Email at AXA Insurance Pte Ltd Contact Email 

Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance Company
Tel: (For emergency Assistance) +65.3157.9720
Tel: (For claims) +65.6904.4622
Tel: (24-hour contact number) +65.6675.1168
Email at

China Taiping Insurance (Singapore) Pte. Ltd
Tel: (main) +65 6389 6111
Tel: +65 6222 1033
Email at

Chubb Insurance Singapore Limited
Tel: (For general Enquiries and Claims) (65) 6398 8776
Tel: (For 24-hour Emergency Assistance) (65) 6836 2922
Email at Chubb Insurance Singapore Limited Contact Email 

Cigna Europe Insurance Co S.A. – N.V., Singapore Branch
Tel: (toll-free in Singapore): 800 186 5047
Tel:(toll-free in the United States): 800 835 7677
Tel:(toll-free in Hong Kong): 2297 5210
Tel: (worldwide 24/7 hotline): +44 (0) 1475 788182
Fax: +44 (0) 1475 492113
Email at or

Direct Asia Insurance (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Tel: 6665 5555
Tel: (Claims Hotline – Singapore) 6532 1818
Tel: (Overseas/Emergency) +65 6603 3699
Email at or

ECICS Limited
Tel:  6337 4779
Email at

EQ Insurance Company Limited
Tel: +65 6223 9433
Fax: +65 6224 3903
Email at

ERGO Insurance Pte. Ltd
Tel: +65 6829 9199
Fax: +65 6829 9247/9248
Email at

Etiqa Insurance Pte. Ltd
Tel: +65 6887 8777
Email at

FWD Singapore Pte. Ltd
Tel: +65 6820 8888
Tel: (For Accident or Travel/Home Emergency Assistance Only) +65 6322 2072
Email at

Great American Insurance Company, Singapore Branch
Tel: +65 6221 8788
Email at

Great Eastern General Insurance Limited
Tel: (For Customer Service) 1800 248 2888
Email at: (Medical Claims Enquiries)
Email at: (LifePAClaims)

HL Assurance Pte. Ltd
Tel: +65 6702 0202
Email at:

India International Insurance Pte Ltd
Tel: +65 63476100
Tel: +65 62244174
Email at:

Liberty Insurance Pte Ltd
Tel: (Within Singapore): 1800-LIBERTY (5423 789)
Tel: (Outside Singapore): (+65) 6338 0990
Email at Liberty Insurance Pte Ltd Contact Email Page

Lloyd’s of London (Asia) Pte Ltd
Tel: 816 741 3910
Email at

Lonpac Insurance Bhd
Tel: (General Line) 03-2262 8688 / 2723 7888
Tel: (Customer Service) 03-2262 8666
Email at

MS First Capital Insurance Ltd
Tel: (Singapore) 048580
Tel: (65) 6222 2311
Fax: (65) 6222 3547
Email at (For Motor Claims)
Email at (Non-Motor Claims)

MSIG Insurance (Singapore) Pte. Ltd
Tel: (Customer Service Hotline) +65 6827 7602
Fax: +65 6827 2708
Email at MSIG Insurance (Singapore) Pte. Ltd Support Email Page

NTUC Income Insurance Co-operative Limited
Tel: 6789 9595
Email at NTUC Income Insurance Co-operative Limited Contact Page

QBE Insurance (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Tel: +65 6224 6633
Email at

Raffles Health Insurance Pte. Ltd
Tel: (65) 6311 1111
Fax: (65) 6311 2136
Email at

Sompo Insurance Singapore Pte. Ltd
Tel:  6564616555
Email at Sompo Insurance Singapore Pte. Ltd Email Page

Starr International Insurance (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
Tel: 1-855-782-7725
Email at

Swiss Re International SE, Singapore Branch
Tel: +65 6428 1800
Email at Swiss Re International SE, Singapore Branch Email Page

Tokio Marine Insurance Singapore Ltd
Tel: (Customer Care Hotline): +65 6592 6100
: +65 6223 9120
Email at (For your existing policies)
Email at (For enquiry of new policies)

United Overseas Insurance Ltd
Tel: 6222 7733
Tel: (Motor Accident Assistance hotline:) 6453 8110 
Fax: 6327 3869/ 6327 3872 (28th floor)
Fax: 6327 3870 (29th floor)
Email at

XL Insurance Company SE Singapore Branch
Email at

Zurich Insurance Company Ltd (Singapore Branch)
Tel: +65 6236 2210 or +65 6327 9820
Email at

Do note that for General Insurance, if you have queries on claims, just contact us and we will assist what we can. We have decades of GI claims experience so we will be able to help you.

This service is free, as we believe in taking good care of people.

E-scooter and Personal Mobility Scooter insurance (and if you are hit by them)

Do I need insurance coverage for my e-scooter?

E-scooter and Personal Mobility Scooter insurance

No, it is not compulsory to buy insurance cover for your e-scooter. However, you should get some personal accidental plans for yourself as e-scooter accidents can cause painful and expensive hospitalisation expenses.

Check with your insurance adviser too if you like to get an third party liability insurance coverage for e-scooter that covers passer-bys if they are hit by your e-scooter too.

Personal accidents do cover accidents caused by collusions with PMDs, as well as most variety of accidents in your day to day life.

Do I need to register my e-scooter?

Yes, it is compulsory to register your e-scooter. Riders of e-scooters and other PMDs are under the Active Mobility Act (AMA) which started from 01 May 2018.

You need to register your e-scooter to avoid them being confiscated by LTA and the rider being charged for not registering the e-scooter.

Is your e-scooter and PMD approved by LTA?

E-scooter and Personal Mobility Scooter insurance

All e-scooters should be under the PMD dimensions requirements and approved by LTA.

Your e-scooter should be

  1. below the maximum width of 70 cm
  2. below the maximum weight of 20 kg and
  3. under the maximum speed of 25 km/h

Check with the retailers to ensure that your model is LTA approved. You should also verify the information with LTA website information, and especially if you are buying a secondhanded e-scooter from carousell or similar app.

Buying a non-LTA approved e-scooter carries up to $5,000 fine and jailed up to 3 months. Your e-scooter may also be confiscated.

If you bought your e-scooter that was LTA approved on purchase and is no longer approved due to increasing stringent LTA rules, you will also face the same penalties for continuing using the old e-scooters and PMDs.

How do I register my e-scooter or PMD?

If you are above 16 yo and using an e-scooter, visit LTA website to register your e-scooter or PMDs. (if the rider is below 16yo, they must ask a relative or guardian to register the e-scooter on his behalf)

Just follow the steps to register your e scooter in Singapore.

If you are buying a new e scooter at a shop, ask the shop for help in registering your e-scooter with LTA. If not, you can register online DIY at LTA website too.

You can check this youtube video by LTA for more information

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When do I have to register my e-scooter by? What is the deadline date to register e-scooter and PMDs?

All riders must register their e-scooters and PMDs by 30 June 2019, and it costs $20 to register.

Each e-scooter will get a unique registration number that must be displayed on the e-scooter.

What happens if I do not register my e-scooter?

If you are on an unregistered e-scooter from 01 July 2019 onwards on public paths, you can be fined up to $2,000 and/or jailed up to 3 months. You will also face heavier penalties of $5,000 and/or jailed up to 6 months if you are a repeat offender.

Does your e-scooter comply with UL 2272 Fire Safety Standard in Singapore?

From January 2021 onwards, all PMDs must comply with the fire safety standards UL 2272. Currently, this deadline is being considered brought forward due to the high number of fire started at home while e-scooters batteries are being charged.

PMD charging fire no insurance coverage

PMD charging fire no insurance coverage

Does my home insurance covers fire started by e-scooters battery?

Most fire started by e-scooters batteries recently are not covered by home insurance. Let us explain why.

  1. HDB Fire insurance Scheme does not cover home contents, they only cover the structure of the HDB.
  2. Home Contents Insurance bought privately does cover home contents. For e-scooters, they do not cover battery fires that are caused by charging of batteries while being unsupervised. Hence, if the e-scooter battery fire occurs while the users charge it and went to sleep, or went out of the home, this even it NOT covered.
  3. E-scooter batteries that do not meet fire safety standards and are considered illegal by LTA are definitely NOT covered by home content insurances. This is to align with legal and lawful actions.

Can you get Home contents insurance that covers e-scooter battery charging?

Yes. Get a proper home content insurance, and make sure your e-scooter is legal with LTA. Charge your battery during day time when there is someone at home. This will ensure your actions are safe and the insurers will definitely cover you for unpredictable accidents that arose from the e-scooter, or other accidents beyond your control (such as kitchen fire, burst pipes, etc)

Does your Personal Accident plan cover you if you are knocked down by an e-scooter or PMD?

Yes. Your personal accident plan covers you if you are knocked down by a e-scooter. Go for the necessary medical treatment and file for claims. This is akin you walking and being met with an accident beyond your controls (such as being hit by a high rise litter, or knocked down by a car).

Accident happens at home

Accident happens at home

Does your Personal Accident Plan cover you if you are riding an e-scooter or PMD and you met with an accident?

Depends on whether you are riding escooter for work or leisure, and whether you are at fault.

No, if you are using your e-scooter for work (such as food delivery for GrabFood, FoodPanda, Deliveroo etc or courier) and you bought a Personal Accident plans for, personal uses. This is why companies or bosses need to buy general business personal accidents for all their staff during their working hours.

Yes if you are riding your e-scooter for leisure, and you get hurt in an accident, you would probably be covered by your personal accident plans.

Unless you are at clear faults, such as being drunk from alcohol or speeding at a walkway, etc. This is the same as car motorist not covered by his car insurance because he was at fault, such as beating the red light, speeding across highways, etc.

Does motorist car insurance cover accidents with e-scooter?

Yes, car motorist insurance does cover accidents with another vehicle, pedestrian, e-scooters or other PMD-users. The usual responsibilities apply, such as the motorists are definitely not covered if they are doing illegal activities with their car:- such as drinking and driving, speeding above speed limit, etc.

E-scooters accidents with car motorists are getting frequent, you will be glad to know that auto motor insurance covers liability to them too.

Check out our full 2019 Car insurance FAQ.

Why should I get personal accident plans to protect myself from e-scooter accidents?

Personal accidents plans does not just cover you for e-scooter accidents. They cover you if you fell down while walking. PA covers you if you are hit by high-rise litter. PA covers you for anything under the definition of personal accidents which is quite wide.

E-scooter is just another way where passer-bys are getting into hospitals and general clinics more and more, even when they are not at fault. Get yourself an extra protection with no increase in premiums even when e-scooter accidents are getting more numerous recently.

BTW do you know Personal accidents plans are cheaper from General Insurers (such as EQ Insurance, AIG, Tenet, India Insurance International, MSIG) compared to life insurers like AIA, Prudential, Great Eastern, NTUC Income, Manulife, AXA Life, Aviva Life etc?

Share this lifehack with your friends:- PA is cheaper from General Insurers!

Get them only from advisers who have a range of insurers to recommend.

HDB Fire Insurance does NOT cover Home Contents or Home Renovations

Many HDB residents have compulsory fire HDB fire insurance but they are not aware that HDB Fire insurance does NOT cover home contents nor home renovation. (Not covering furnishing, renovations, home furniture etc)

This is why it is so important for you to seek out insurance agencies to cover your home coverage. Insurance agents do not actively go sell this insurance as it has very low commission for them. You must get a good coverage for your home as your home is probably the most expensive item you have bought.

This article is on 22nd July 2019 and demonstrated how so many HDB flat residents lost their fortunes, met with high hospital death (and in some cases funeral costs) without insurance compensations.

HDB Fire Insurance not cover Home Contents

HDB Fire Insurance not cover Home Contents

What is covered under home contents insurance? What are these that are not covered by HDB Fire insurance?

What are these that are not covered by HDB Fire insurance?

Home contents insurance covers these:-

  • their precious personal belongings
  • furniture
  • electric appliances
  • renovated furnishings

These are home contents that are NOT covered by the HDB fire insurance scheme but can be easily covered by any affordable plans offered by the numerous fire insurance companies in Singapore.

HDB Fire insurance does not cover home contents, does not cover PMD (Personal Mobility devices) such as e-scooter, e-bicycles that are charged at home and cause fire.

What does HDB Fire insurance coverage covers?


What does HDB Fire insurance coverage covers?

The HDB fire insurance scheme was introduced to protect HDB INTERNAL structures, fixtures as well as area built and provided by HDB.

What does fire insurance plan cover for HDB?

They protect HDB’s assets, not the HDB residents. This is so that HDB does not need to ask for the HDB flat dwellers for compensations on repairs works after any fire accident. HDB can simply claim from the fire insurance company, which collects the necessary premiums from the HDB owners yearly.

Till 15 August 2019, the 5-year premiums (including 7% GST) are as follows:

Flat Type5-Year Premium (Including 7% GST)Sum Insured
2-room/ 2-room Flexi$2.50$26,300
Executive/ Multi-Generation flats$7.50$98,200
Studio Apartment (Type A)$3.50$29,000
Studio Apartment (Type B)$4.00$37,200

This is also why HDB fire insurance is so cheap, it only covers the structures of the HDB flats and not on the flat residents’ furniture, furnishing, and belongings.

Is HDB fire insurance compulsory?

Yes, it is compulsory for all HDB flat owners with HDB mortgage loans to buy basic HDB fire insurance. If you have a bank loan for HDB, the bank will almost certainly require you to buy fire insurance from their appointed insurers partners too.

HDB and banks do not want their assets to be without cover.

Do I have fire insurance?

Probably no. You may have the compulsory HDB structures fire scheme, but most likely you do not have fire insurance for your home contents.

In the Straits Times report on 22 July 2019, more than 50% of all HDB residents do NOT have Home Content Fire insurance.

You should probably speak to an agent with more than a few comparison insurers for the best value for money plan.

As a condo owner, does condominium MCST has fire insurance?

No. Even if your condominium MCST has fire coverage, it would be for the structural and common assets, NOT for your own personal belongings.

How much does fire insurance cost?

Very little. A basic home contents plan will cost you less than $50 a year or $4 a month. Yes, barely $50! Even more premium and wider coverage plans cost you barely $10-$30 a month. Singaporeans generally treasure their belongings at home and tend to choose the popular wider coverage home contents insurance.

Even for condominium and landed property owners such as bungalow, semi-detached, etc, fire insurance coverage for your home amounts to only a few cents or dollars per day. Some costs less than $200 per year.

HDB Fire Insurance does not cover home contents

HDB Fire Insurance does not cover home contents

How do I claim for fire insurance?

For HDB fire insurance scheme, HDB can claim directly with the appointed fire insurer, and an officer will probably need you to help in providing the situational report on the fire.

For home content fire insurance, you can refer to the insurers’ website for the correct forms or refer to your fire insurance brokers. Update your insurers fast because they need to check the scene as soon as possbile before you start cleaning and clearing away the debris.

You can also contact us directly for help.

Does home insurance cover fire caused by PMD charging?

If a fire is caused by a PMD (personal mobility device) charging while you are at home and not sleeping, home content insurance usually covers these fire or accidents.

However, if your PMD such as E-scooters battery is charging unsupervised while you are asleep or not at home, any fire or accidents that occurred would not be covered by your home contents insurance.

Do NOT charge your PMD batteries unsupervised.

Which home fire insurance is best in Singapore?

Which home fire insurance is best in Singapore?

The home insurance that you have paid and is active in covering your family home.

There are 101 different fire and home insurance in Singapore, and thanks to MAS, all General Insurers are regulated with proper financial assets to back their protections.

The best insurance plan is useless if you are not under it. Get something fast and get it over with quickly because there are too many people who are procrastinating and regretting it when “it won’t happen to me” happens.

How do I get fire insurance?

Get it from a trusted fire insurance broker. HM Consultancy works with many insurance companies to get affordable and value for money plans for their clients. If you do have special cases, such as more sentimental or valuable belongings in your home for assessment, you can contact us for customised plans.

HM Consultancy has worked with condominiums, landed properties such as good-class bungalows, semi-detached, terrace as well as HDB flats for home and fire coverage. Not only that, we have done specialised cases for people with unusual art works, drones, electronics at home too.

Do check HM Consultancy for the best home fire insurance coverage.

Fire is costly and disruptive to business & home owners

Most of us, be it homeowners or businesses think the most a fire can do to our belongings and properties are just destroying it and end-of-story.

UPDATE: 23 July 2019 – another fire caused by charging batteries of PMD

SINGAPORE – A personal mobility device (PMD) left to charge in an Ang Mo Kio flat early on Monday (July 22) exploded in the afternoon, causing a fire that destroyed the flat and damaged two neighbouring units.

PMD charging fire no insurance coverage

PMD charging fire no insurance coverage

Home contents Fire Insurance does not cover unsupervised charging of PMD batteries

Please note that many insurers, even when you buy home contents insurance does not cover your home due to e-scooter charging overnight with no supervision.

In this case, the adults left the e-scooter to charge and they left the home without anyone, the fire insurance would NOT cover this case due to unsupervised charging of PMD (personal mobility device)

It is a lot more damaging than that (you won’t understand the weeks or months disruption until you encountered one)

And if a fire happens to a neighbour, you may think its no big deal to me!

Fire affects everyone, even those unburnt

A FIRE, even only on a neighbour and not on your site, can be very disruptive to your business and life.

The aftermaths of a fire can be extremely costly to a neighbourhood.

You now face blacked surroundings, and you are also left with severe waterlogging (from firefighting activities) and cleanup work to be done. Your businesses cannot resume without all these works.

And even after restorative works are completed, your business may not be continuing as per normal:- your usual customers may shun you.

Is Fire insurance more expensive?

A cheap yearly annual fire insurance or business insurance or the risks of loss of capital, loss of income and painful restorative payments.

A fire gutted Ang Mo Kio shophouses on 5th July 2019 and the damage was painful. Not only that, patrons and customers stayed away from the area.

Taken from Straits Times

The fire, which has affected the supply of power and electricity to the block, has resulted in Mr Leong losing about 50 per cent of his usual business.

“We are safe and we are lucky we can still open, but there is no phone line here, which means my customers cannot make bookings and can only pay with cash. Even when they walk in, they do not want to stay because there is no Wi-Fi,” he said.

Mr Leong is not alone, as other shopkeepers and employees also bemoaned the lack of Internet service and for some, electricity.


Fire is bad for homeowners

Thankfully, if a fire occurred and your family and you are safe, bless you!

Roughly 100 residents were affected by a single household fire on 24 June 2019.

In a video posted by Facebook user Dahlia SenSasi, thick black smoke is seen billowing out of the fourth-floor corridor as at least six firefighters break into the corner unit where the fire is raging.

People can also be seen knocking on doors on the other floors to alert residents of the incident. A total of 100 residents were evacuated by police, said SCDF.

However, the bad news:- a fire engulfed your personal belongings, your important memory, and sentimental stuff, there are more….

You have to spend more money to restore your structure, your furnishing and redo furnitures for your home.

Damages caused by neighbour’s fire in HDB, Condo or Landed

If you are a neighbour, not only do you have to feel heartpain for your neighbour’s poor stroke of luck, you probably have to fork out plenty of money to clean up your home. If you are above or near him, you have to repaint the walls, throw away furnishing, clothes, furnitures that are damaged with bad smell and smoke.

If you are below him, you will have to deal with severe water damage.

If you are cautious about money and financials, you will realise something:- a fire insurance is the best thing you can to protect your finances.

Don’t just buy fire insurance, get a proper business or home coverage at the best value-for-money, don’t overpay for coverage you may not need. Do not over pay for your insurance cover.

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Car Insurance – Why comprehensive? Why Any Workshop is important?

EDIT: Since publishing, we received numerous enquires and we have spoke 1 major car insurance for a bonus deal for 2019:- they will be giving ANY WORKSHOP plans for your comprehensive package! You do not lose time, convenience and value anymore! Contact us soon before the offer ends!

Singaporeans love value for money stuff and car insurance is no difference. Without a doubt, the basic third party coverage is the CHEAPEST car insurance you can find in Singapore. The most value for money car insurance is definitely comprehensive car coverage (note: not from all insurers, only from those with a big network and wants volume)

Car insurance in Singapore are into 3 main car insurance package

  1. Third Party Coverage
  2. Third Party Plus Fire and Theft Coverage
  3. Comprehensive Car Coverage

As we all know, third party is cheapest, comprehensive is the best and most popular insurance selection in Singapore. Cheapest is best if you have no claims throughout the year. Unfortunately, the cheapest means you pay more in a car accident.

Third Party means you pay big in a car accident

Recently, there has been a trend of buyers’ regrets due to the huge price war between the major car insurers. In order to provide competitive bids for motorists, many Singapore car insurance companies are pushing their lowest plans of “Third Party Coverage” to convince car motorists that their insurance is the “cheapest”.

Unfortunately, as motorists find out, cheap does not mean the best. Once an accident occurs, they face big out-of-pocket costs.

Approved Workshops Only- Cheaper but restrictions can be expensive.

Once again, to rein in costs and to “prove” to motorists that their coverage is the cheapest, insurance agents push “Appointed Workshops” or “Approved Workshops” only plans, explaining to consumers that these plans are great cover, with a small discount over the older mainstream plans:- any workshops

Appointed or Approved workshops refer to an insurance coverage where you can only repair your cars at workshops that are selected and approved by the insurers. Any workshop plans refer to the traditional mainstream plans that allow you to visit any car workshop to repair and handle your car accidents.

Unfortunately, this lower priced plans may come at a big inconvenience for affected car motorist.

Disadvantages of Approved Workshops Only

  1. Location may not be favourable
  2. Workshops may not be ideal for your car make (especially for more unique or continental car models)
  3. In an accident, you may have no choice but to resort to whichever tow trucks or workshop is able to handle (you may be injured or dazzled to find out an appointed workshop to use). Claims will be more difficult after this
  4. Your usual, or preferred workshop, mechanics etc may not be in your insurance scheme
  5. Changing of insurance companies means you keep changing workshops in accident
  6. Even if repair time is slow, or no availability of a replacement car at the specified workshop, you have no choice.

Insurance companies tend not to dwell on the disadvantages, given the past few years trend of lower cost and price war.

You are losing out on TIME and CONVENIENCE, something that insurance companies hope you do not mind after the accident. And of course, something that you no longer have a choice since you already bought the plan!

You bought comprehensive plans but yet miss out on the convenience, time and quality by choosing Approved Workshop Only instead of Any Workshops.

Why do people want comprehensive plans but go for “approved workshops only”?

Because they want to save money. And they forgot or ignore the costs in the future. Even insurance companies may not like this in the long term because they get angry customers or frustrated customers:- in an accident, how do you still remain calm, composed and seek out workshops that are reputable, nearby, and STILL IN THE INSURERS’ APPROVED LIST? Especially when you need a windshield replacement, not many workshops would have the factory fitted glass and perform a good job with sealant to prevent leakage.

You are losing a lot on time, convenience and quality of repairs.

Contact HM Consultancy about your concerns and let us find the plans that suit you best:- pricing? quality? long term value? We are experts because we have been in the car industry for decades.

If you have commercial vehicles such as lorries, vans, company cars, you will be glad to meet the specialist for commercial fleet motor car insurance

If you just want to ask for your private personal vehicle, do check out private car motor insurance.

Car insurance in Singapore FAQ

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Full Guide to Car Insurance 2020

We have been the most downloaded car insurance guide for 2019 and we hope to have an even better car insurance guide record in Singapore for 2020!

Lets hope 2020 will have less car accidents in Singapore and lower car premiums for all Singapore motorists!

These are the most common questions we have been asked in Singapore regarding motor insurance coverage by motorists over the past 2 decades. Let us know if you have any more new questions! We keen active participants and will update if there are more news on electric car insurance, autonomous vehicles (soon…) etc!

Meanwhile, these are all the decades-old commonly asked questions!

We all know we have to get car insurance, but what if we forget to buy? (or worse still, knowingly ignored to buy)

What will happen if I drive without car insurance in Singapore?

In Singapore, it is compulsory to have car insurance to drive. You need at least Third-Party Risks and Compensation car Insurance in Singapore. (commonly known as Third Party insurance, the other 2 types are 3rd Party with Fire and Theft and Comprehensive Car Insurance)

What is the punishment for driving without motor insurance?

It is an offence that driving a motor vehicle in Singapore without insurance coverage can be fined up to $1,000, imprisonment for up to 3 months, or both. You will also be disqualified from holding or obtaining a driving license for 12 months from the date of your conviction.

What happens if you have a car accident without motor insurance?

Under the law, you have to pay for all repairs or replacing of the other party’s car if you are at fault in the accident, as well as all medical expenses, loss or damages to the other party. This can be a financial disaster.

You will also have to be responsible for your own car’s repairs, and damaged possessions, your personal medical expenses. In the event that your car still have outstanding car loans, merely giving up the damaged car and scrapping it will still give you some debts to pay off.

This is why the Singapore government has made it compulsory for motor insurance, to prevent motorists from financial ruining themselves in an accident.

What types of car insurance are there in Singapore?

  1. Third Party Risks Only
  2. Third Party Risks, Fire and Theft
  3. Comprehensive Motor Insurance

Third Party Only Car Insurance

This is the minimum car insurance scheme that you have to obtain in Singapore, and it is the cheapest because of its no-frills structure. Third Party Only covers

  1. Coverage for other people in an accident if it is your fault.
  2. Nothing at all for you.

That is it. Third Party essentially covers the bare minimum required by law, to cover any other party involved in a car accident caused by you.

Nothing else.

What is Third Party car insurance suitable for?

Budget-conscious drivers with old cars.

If you have a fairly new car, I would recommend you not to consider this, as repair bills and replacement of a totally faulty car can be very expensive in Singapore. Even if this insurance covers your legal liability to the other party, you may face big repair bills for your own car. Even if you choose to scrap, you may face outstanding car loans for your own car that you have to repay.

Choose this scheme only if you have an old car, and only if you have to.

Third Party, Fire and Theft

It covers everything in Third Party, plus damage and losses from fire, theft, and vandalism. That is a lot better than the bare minimum of Third Party Only. You are getting coverage to your own car if you encountered fire, theft or vandalism.

Remember, “low crime doesn’t mean no crime.” (probably trademarked by Singapore Police Force)

What is Third Party with Fire and Theft car insurance suitable for?

Budget-conscious drivers.

This motor policy is still cheaper than the main type of policy, and will have some cost savings for motorists. Do take note that in an accident, it still does not cover your own car damage and losses, so you are still having the same financially exposed to the same risks as a Third Party Only policy.

The extra coverage is very worth it though, as there are still instances of cars burning in flames, car damaged or lost to theft or vandalism.

Comprehensive Car Coverage

Comprehensive motor insurance is the widest coverage and the most popular form of car insurance in Singapore.

As the name implies, you are covered for the other party, your own car, for all death, injuries, damages, and losses. You do not have to worry about medical costs, liabilities, etc that occurred from fire, theft, vandalism, car accidents to your own car or other parties.

Comprehensive coverage compulsory for most bank loans

Comprehensive Coverage is also required by most banks in approving the car loan, as the banks want to ensure that there is insurance coverage over your car.

As much as this popular coverage is sensible, if your car is more than 10 years old, insurers will not allow you to opt for this, you have to go for Third Party with Fire and Theft, as they deem your car too old and invaluable to cover.

What is comprehensive car insurance suitable for?

Most drivers who want to protect their expensive cars, which is basically every car in Singapore thanks to high taxes and COE prices.

Even when you are free to opt for other insurance packages if you have no bank loan, this is the popular and sensible package as you are protecting and reducing your financial risks.

What other benefits in comprehensive car insurance that I may like?

There are plenty of other benefits that insurers throw in, with no or little extra costs that are great for motorists. Some examples are:-

  • extra 10% discount on the 50% NCD (may be popularly termed 60% NCD)
  • 50% NCD Protection
  • Windscreen protection at no NCD loss
  • damage from riot, strikes and civil commotion
  • damage arising from flood and windstorm
  • liability of passengers for acts of negligence
  • personal accident benefits for passengers

What are the difference between Any Workshop and Appointed Workshop motor insurance scheme?

Appointed Workshop Only insurance policies mean in the event of any repairs or assessment of damages, you have to send your car to one of the approved workshop in the insurer’s list of accredited workshop.

You cannot use any workshop as you like.

What if I claim on another party?

In theory, this would not matter whichever policy you are holding. So even if you are holding Approved Workshop only, you can go to any workshop, since the insurer paying out is on the other party.

However, do check with your insurer when an accident happened. This is because it has happened before in Singapore that an insurer deny payouts even on the third party and fight to reduce the payout.  The insurer insists the rules apply to claims on another 3rd party insurance (Because the other party insurer is also them!). Sounds weird? Let me explain.

In a case that was published by Straits Times a few years ago, a car motorist was denied coverage and blacklisted by a certain local insurer. The motorist had a car accident and it was deemed the fault lies with the other party.

Hence the car motorist is claiming on the other party’s policy and not on his own (which is an Appointed Workshop only policy). He went to his favourite car workshop, which is not under the Appointed list because he believed he is claiming on the other party and does not come under his own policies.

Unfortunately, the insurance company was covering all the cars involved and under the terms, denied repair payout as it was not under “Appointed Workshops” list of the insurer. It made news and many motorists were appalled to learn that they should be cautious about making claims on repairs in other workshops, even in accidents that are not of their faults.

Any Workshops Insurance Policies

As the name suggests, car motorist can send their cars for repairs to any workshops. This is for reasonable and market priced repairs and assessment.

Insurance companies do make a point to investigate repair bills and assessment that may not make sense and are suspicious of fraud.

3 Ways to get Cheaper Car Insurance

If you are like most Singaporeans, you want the best deal for the buck. A car in Singapore is the most expensive priced in the world, do make a good deal for your motor coverage and save money.

  1. Visit a broker or an agent with more than 1 or 2 insurers.
  2. Increase your deductible (or Excess) that will reduce premiums
  3. Look for deals that tied with workshop, or other insurance package for overall discounts

Visit a broker or agent with many insurance companies

Comparison helps to reduce price, improve quality and most importantly, benefit consumers.

If your agent or broker has more than 1 insurance companies, he can helps to compare and get the best deal for you. The insurance companies know that this agency has volume of business and will reduce premiums or improve the benefits so that the agency will refer business to them.

Always choose an agent with more than 1 insurance companies

Increase your deductible or Excess

Increasing your deductible or excess in car insurance will help you pay lower premiums for your plans.

What is Excess in car insurance?

In car policies, the excess or deductible is the first amount you have to pay out of your pocket for any repairs and damages.

For example a policy may have $500 excess. This mean, in any accident, you have to pay the first $500 of the bill. Say your Honda has a repair bill of $8,000. You have to fork out the first $500, and the insurer will pay for the other $7,500.

You can choose a policy with higher excess. The higher the excess, the lower the premiums for the auto policy.

Choose a combination deals.

Talk to your insurance agency or broker for any tied deals. For example, you can choose to buy home fire, personal accident, and motor insurance together with him and he can work out a discount package for you.

Insurance brokers and agencies with a large variety of products to offer would love such deals with you.

Or you can choose a workshop tied up, where you get reduced premiums for your motor insurance in exchange for using a branded car workshop for your regular maintenance servicing and car repairs.

What is NCD or No Claims Discount?

Motor Insurance 50 NCD

Motor Insurance 50 NCD

NCD refers to No-Claims Discount and is offered to motorists that did not file claims in the previous year or years. If you have not filed a claim in 1 year, the NCD will start at 10% discount. This means you will get a 10% discount on your car insurance premium.

No Claims Discount is offered by all motor insurance companies in Singapore for all Singaporean drivers.

As the years go by, you will get higher and higher NCD. The official highest tier of NCD is 50% discount on your annual car insurance.

Number of claim-free yearsNCD
One year10%
Two years20%
Three years30%
Four years40%
Five or more years50%

Will I lose all my NCD if I make a claim?

No. Insurers understand that for drivers of big NCD, an accident in the years of claims-free years may be a blip in an otherwise good driving record. Hence, a 50% NCD driver will not lose all his NCD, he wil merely falls to 20% NCD.

Similarly, a 40% No Claims Discount  driver will fall to 10% NCD instead of 0% NCD

Current NCDNCD after 1 claim
30% and under0%

Can I lose my NCD if I sell or scrap my car?

If you sell or scrap your car, your no claims discount is still tied to you for as long as 24 months. The insurance company will offer the same NCD if you get a new car within 24 months. Do check with the insurer in advance as there are some companies that only offer the same NCD within 12 months.

What is NCD Protector?

You may choose to add a rider to your car policy that in the event of an accident, the rider will protect your existing NCD and you will not see a drop in the NCD.

This NCD Protector rider is only offered by a few insurance companies and to drivers with 50% NCD. Usually, the rider protects your 50% NCD with 1 claim per year. If there are 2 claims in a year, the NCD will drop to 20%. If there are more than 2, the NCD will be completely wiped out.

Is my NCD entitlement transferable to another person?

No, you cannot transfer NCD to another person, be it relative or close friends.

Why do I hear a 60% NCD?

Some insurers like to reward safe drivers with a long loyal bonus of sticking to the insurance with an additional 10%, making it 50% + 10%. This is actually a loyal bonus for safe driver sticking to the same insurer.

It is, however, a lot more catchy to be called 60% NCD.

What is windscreen protection?

Windscreen refers to the glass portion of the car, and is vulnerable to damage. Usually small incidents will cause windscreen damage or cracks and it is extremely painful to lose a high NCD because of windscreen claims.

Some insurance companies offer windscreen protection for an additional premium to allow for windscreen damage claim without affecting the NCD, subject to an excess.

What is named driver in car insurance plans and why is it important?

The named driver is someone who can drive the car with the owner’s permission and covered under the motor insurance. Besides the car’s owner, you can usually named another 1 or 2 people as the named drivers, and it is common for the driver to add in their spouse or family members as named drivers.

The named drivers enjoy the same benefits as the owner for the motor insurance. In any accident that occurred with a driver that is not listed in the policy, there will be a higher excess in claims.

Higher excess for unnamed drivers

For example, a policy of $500 excess will see the named drivers forking out an excess $500 in an accident.

However, an unnamed driver in the same accident may see a higher excess of $2000. Do check your insurance terms and conditions for the different coverage.

Less or No personal accident coverage for unnamed drivers

Some insurance policies have added benefits of personal accidental benefits for its named drivers. In some case, these extra personal accident benefits are not provided to unnamed drivers in any claims.

What do I do after a car accident?

Stay calm and check to make sure your passengers and you are safe and sound.

If there is any injuries, do seek medical attention first. You can get Emergency Hotlines in Singapore here.

You need to report to Traffic Police within 24 hours if these are involved

  1. Fatality
  2. Foreign Vehicles
  3. Damage to government properties
  4. Pedestrian or Cyclist
  5. Hit-and-run cases
  6. Injury cases where at least 1 person was taken to hospital or any party was injured with medical leave for 3 days and more

If you report to Traffic Police, do note that you still have to contact and file a report separately with your insurers within 24 hours or the next working day.

You do NOT have to report to traffic police after a car accident if the above are not met.

You should do these in in car accident

  1. exchange particulars of the parties involved in accident and take note of the vehicle numbers
  2. do take photographs of the scene of accident from different angles
  3. take photo of the damages to all vehicles (yours and the other parties)
  4. Do not admit fault or liability, leave it to the claims assessment department.

If you do want to file for a claim, you must report to the insurer within 24 hours or by the next working day. You may call your insurer hotline for calling a tow-truck or advice.

Do NOT do these after a car accident in Singapore

  • If there is a fatal accident or someone is injured, do not move the injured person or vehicle till traffic police arrive.
  • Do not move your vehicle before taking photographs and details.
  • Do not allow your car to be towed by unauthorised tow trucks, especially those that showed up mysteriously shortly after an accident (Scam Alert)

What is IDAC for car accident reporting?

IDAC is “Independent Damages Assessment Centres”, a group of independent accident reporting centres that you can visit to make accident reports after an accident. You can visit IDAC for a one-stop accident reporting centre to help with any car claims.

Do I go IDAC after a car accident?

IDAC is a convenient stop. However, they are not linked with all car assurance companies in Singapore.

These car insurance companies are linked to IDAC

  • India International Insurance
  • NTUC Income
  • Liberty Insurance
  • MSIG
  • UOI (United Overseas Insurance)
  • Allied World Insurance
  • First Capital Insurance Limited
  • Tokio Marine Group (only available at Sin Ming Road and Jalan Boon Lay IDAC)
  • Direct Asia Insurance (only available at Sin Ming Road and Jalan Boon Lay IDAC)

If your coverage is not under IDAC, you should go to either their authorised workshop to check for claims and repairs work or if you have Any Workshop coverage, you can visit your preferred car workshop.

You can visit the company website to fill in proper forms.

Do check with your general agent, the company hotline directly if you have other doubts.

Car insurer hotlines for Emergency & Accidents Singapore

We have compiled the latest hotline, updated as of 23th August 2019. These are for all major car insurance companies in Singapore, so if you are a policyholder of their auto motor insurance, do check out the claim pages or call them directly for help.

If you have an agent, you should call them too (the benefit of having an insurance adviser), if not, feel free to contact us directly for claims help or issues with your car insurance policies.

AIG6338 6200AIG Claims Page
AXA1800 880 4741AXA Claims Page
China Taiping6389 6116China Taiping Claims Page
EQ Insurance6333 2222EQ Claims Page
India International Insurance6347 6100III Claims Page
Liberty Insurance1800 5423 789Liberty Claims Page
Lonpac Insurance6250 7388Lonpac Claims Page
NTUC Income6788 6616NTUC Income Claims Page
Great Eastern OAC6248 2660Great Eastern OAC Claims Page
Allied World (Ex RSA)6337 0911Allied World Claims Page
MSIG6337 1208MSIG Claims Page
Sompo (ex Tenet)6226 3323 Sompo Claims Page
Tokio Marine1800 2258647Tokio Marine Claims Page

If you have commercial vehicles such as lorries, vans, company cars, you will be glad to meet the specialist for commercial fleet motor car insurance.

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Get Paid to Your Motor Insurance By Switching Car Workshops

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HM Consultancy has tied up with car workshops to bring you

  1. lower car insurance
  2. better car servicing with lower fees

By pledging to do your regular car servicing with our car workshop, we will combine to slash $200 – $300 off your usual car insurance package (Comprehensive, Any Car Workshop Motor Insurance)

Sounds good?

Great Car Servicing Package with One Year Warranty

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