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About Us

How did HM Consultancy get into General Insurance in Singapore?

A few decades ago, James, Colin, and Jamie, we were 3 young adults eager to learn insurance coverage in Singapore; we were mere life insurance agents. We meet up regularly in workshops to learn skills on improving our business coverage.

We realised that the General Insurance sector offers a range of insurance that is cheaper than life insurance companies. We learned that GI offers a wider range of products that suits our business partners a lot more than what we can offer from our life insurance companies.

We decided to quit our life insurance cushy roles and embrace general insurance because it is better for our business clients.

We all started picking up skills and recognising how we can help businesses in Singapore save money by selecting different forms of general insurance.

Now I am happy to say, all of us here in HM Consultancy, with decades of experiences can offer to identify your business’ strengths, weakness, and gaps in your business operation and make it more profitable, more attractive (to clients) and more valuable in the long run.

Our core strengths and skills

We specialise in general insurance needs such as contractors all risks, travel insurance, fleet motor auto insurance, public liability, trade credit insurance and all manners of general insurance.

Due to the large range of general insurance requirements for business, our company hired experienced and skilled advisors to deal with different segment and needs for each business and consumer’s request.

We are confident of providing excellent service because we have a large team of advisors, each with his own specialty and experience.

Some notable clients and partners of HM Consultancy Singapore

Some of our clients include SMEs and big businesses such as

  • national car rental agencies,
  • car dealerships, scrap metal dealers
  • car workshops,
  • e-commerce giants,
  • maid agencies
  • travel and vacation agencies and hotels
  • health care players,
  • honey and health food distributors,
  • pet food and pet service providers,
  • shipping industry veterans.
  • small, large A&A and construction projects
  • international clients such as American MNCs.

We have also advisors that deals with the public market, where simple insurance such as auto car insurance, home/fire protection plan, maid coverage, travel annual plans are sourced at a low cost with great values. Whether customers prefer affordable insurance policies or premium comprehensive plans, we can get different types of plans for their comparisons.

With decades of experience in the insurance sector, we understand what clients want: Fast, Responsive and excellent customer service with fair, affordable pricing.

The vision of our business

Singapore is an expensive society and many people tend to skim on insurance policies to save more money. Save money in life and in operating their businesses.

Together, we create more business profits.

Unfortunately, the skipping of insurance is what propel people from the middle class to the lower class. It forces people in the lower class to stay in poverty and difficulties.

Worst of all, it is the lack of protection that exposes local SMEs to so many risks. The devasting danger of losing all your hard work in an unfortunate event. Insurance is not supposed to be expensive. It is the unnecessary high commission payable to Star Salesman that makes many forms of insurance expensive.

Business insurance consultancy

Business consultancy to thrive in Singapore

We believe in giving great advice and consultancy that allows your business and life to prosper without great expenses. Value for money is what we believe in.

Together, we are better.

Chee Wee
General Manager
HM Consultancy Singapore