Travel Insurance Annual Single

Travel insurance is probably the last thing on your mind when you booked a trip out of Singapore, be it via air, sea or land. You are excited over your vacation, you are in holiday mood, why would you think of any possible negative outcomes?

The truth is when we want to have fun overseas, we will also want to ensure that we can enjoy everything with peace of mind. In the event of any bad situation, we do not want to be stressed over money and how-to.

Travel insurance help us manage our anger and inconvenience.

Lost luggage? Smile that at least travel insurance will help you buy new items to replace what you have lost.

Delayed departure time? Well, at least your wasted time at the airport is going to be compensated.

Robbed or stolen of a laptop, phone or expensive gadget? Make a police report and file for claims, continue to enjoy your trip!

Why should you buy travel insurance earlier?

Buying travel insurance earlier allows you to enjoy extra benefits at the same price! If you buy before flying, you get to enjoy the usual travel insurance benefits. However, buying early, such as immediately after booking the air tickets or buying the travel package from a travel agency means you are protected from defaults such as the agency bankruptcy or airline refusing to honour the ticket due to insolvency.

There is NO extra costs! So why wait to buy, buy the travel insurance ASAP to get the extra benefits in place.

Why should you buy annual plans?

Annual plans allow you to have heft discounts over buying a few single plans. It also take away the hassle of applying every single time, and reduce the problems of forgetting to buy.

Many clients have called their insurance agents when they have landed and realised they forgot to buy, unfortunately, they are unable to buy protection once they have left Singapore.

Annual plans usually also provide extra benefits and features as packaged.

Why you should buy travel insurance even to Malaysia or Indonesia?

Many of us do not care to buy travel insurance when we visit Malaysia or Indonesia because it is a mere 30 minutes away from Singapore, what is the worst that can go wrong?

Well as long as you are overseas, you are in unfamiliar territory and the overseas government has no obligation to take good care of you, the medical care and hospitals do not have subsidies or system to protect you. It does not matter whether you are 30 hours away or 30 minutes away when you need help and you have no big insurance company to help, you are at a loss!

Furthermore, travel insurance premiums are not priced for fun, they do take into account neighbour countries are nearer, with lower costs of handling emergency repatriation and management. Rest assured they are only charging what is reasonable!

We are emphasising Malaysia because there are so many incidents daily of Singaporeans making day trips to Malaysia for food, shopping or leisure and encountering bad situations that could have been covered by travel insurance. Food poisoning, robbery, theft, personal accidents, medical emergencies, we Singaporeans face all these no matter you are in Malaysia or Indonesia.

Travel happily, travel safe.