Pleasure Craft

Having a consideration to buy a hovercraft or a yacht? Something special for the weekend? Perhaps you are taking a private jet for dim sum in Hong Kong? All pleasure crafts can be considered.


As drones get more popular and complicated, you may want to consider drone protection not just for your drones, but for any liability or damages that can be caused to someone else. This is for your legal protection and peace of mind.


We do help protects special collectibles too. You may own a classic star wars toy or that vintage comics book, or a rare antique car. Collectible insurance is rare but manage by professional insurance team.


Expensive and precious jewellery kept at home or office? You will love what we can do for you, to protect you and have peace of mind for your jewels and gemstones.

Art and Sculptures

Fine arts or precious sculptures? We got it covered with special valuer and insurance coverage for special cases.