Public Liability

Public liability is sorely not well known in Singapore but many doctors, dentists, retail shop owners, food & beverage operators, beauty salon tuition centers, etc should take note. A very bad accident at your premises can cost you tens and hundreds of thousands of compensation and legal fees. It is only more commonly discussed now due to the recent newspaper articles of legal court cases.

The worst part? Public liability is actually extremely cheap and can be taken care of with mere pennies. It is not the reluctance of business directors to spend on this protection but rather the lack of knowledge.

Why do I need public liability?

If someone slips in your premises, be it a retail shop, your waiting area, your treatment room, you are liable for the harm and injury caused. If it is serious injury or even death, this will cost your business a vast sum of compensation and legal cost.

And we are just talking about a fall in your premises, there can be other more serious incidents. For example, a fire or an explosion of your equipment injuring your workers and clients. A burst pipe that damaged clothing, causing illness or disease. If you are handling other people’s properties such as car workshops, handbags, etc, a small minor accident can cause damages to other people, even if that person may not be your official client yet (not your client does not mean he cannot press charge on you)

Public Liability and Social Media

Public Liability is growing more and more serious in Singapore due to the popularity of social media, camera phones and the awareness of consumers that they can claim against businesses.

There are countless example of cafes, beauty salons or car workshop who are in the social media trending viral news because of some incidents, sometimes not even at the fault of the business owner.

Do take care of your public liability needs.