Plate Glass Coverage

What is plate glass insurance?

Plate glass coverage is insurance on any damage or breakage of large panels of glass such as display window in retail shops, restaurants, showrooms, offices or buildings.

Plate glass insurance includes all-risks coverage on the glass damage or breakage from accidents or misfortunes, other than exclusions.

Who needs plate glass insurance in Singapore?

Glass is a common building material due to its see-through properties. However, it can shatter and is impossible to repair, hence requiring expensive replacement fee. Plate Glass insurance can help to reduce these expensive replacement fees should an unfortunate accident occur that disrupt your business.

Businesses in Singapore that have lots of plate glasses include

  • restaurants, cafe, food & beverage
  • retail shops
  • dentist, doctors
  • beauty salons, slimming centres, hair salons, nail parlors
  • offices or buildings with glass doors or windows

Shattered glass can also injure passers-by so you may want to check with your insurance broker whether you need to have public liability coverage to protect yourself.