Equipments All Risks

Many businesses have expensive or difficult-to-replace equipment that are necessary for operations.

A production line will have heavy machinery manufacturing goods, a workshop will have machines to service and work on the products, a dentist or doctor have dedicated and specialized equipment for their patients, etc.

What is Equipment all risks and does my business needs it?

Equipment All Risk helps to protect what is important in your business and provide you with coverage to replace, to repair equipment that is damaged from unpredictable events such as fire, flood causing malfunction, etc.

No matter how small or large your storefront or workshop is, if you are unable to work at 100% of your income potential due to faulty equipment, then it is important you get the necessary coverage to protect your revenue and profitability.

Who needs equipment all risks plans?

As long as you have equipment and tools, such as

  • beauty salons, slimming centres, aesthetic centres
  • dentist, doctors
  • car workshops
  • engineering firms
  • production and manufacturing company
  • logistic warehouse and distribution hubs
  • photography, videography studios etc
  • printing firms
  • etc etc

Do I buy equipment all risk standalone or with other cover?

You may choose to get this coverage together with other main plans so as to reduce your costs and premium. It is desirable to pair this with your premises fire insurance, public liability, group life, group accident insurance etc for a much better lower-cost package plan.