Commercial Car Vehicle Fleet Insurance

If your business has a fleet of vehicles for business purposes, you will want the lowest premium for the best coverage. After all, your vehicles are costing you money to operate, and you want to reduce the cost of operations so you can keep more revenue as profits.

Can I buy commercial vehicle fleet insurance?

If you have vehicles under your company name, you can get lower premiums for your commercial auto motor insurance.

You may want to buy commercial motor fleet insurance if you are

  • renting out cars, vans, trucks, etc to hirers or Grab GoJek drivers.
  • providing cars to customers who sent their cars to repair/servicing at your workshop
  • operating transport services with buses, mini-buses, etc
  • providing excursion services, travel tours, etc
  • operating cargo delivery van, lorries or trucks for sending goods to your clients
  • providing motorcycles to the delivery team
  • providing cars to your sales team, or higher management officers and directors
  • Or trading in new or used secondary cars for the car market

Cut down on the long term operating costs of your fleet of cars in Singapore. Singapore is already an expensive place to own any cars due to the high price of COEs.

You may prefer cheaper 3rd party motor insurance for your older cars, and comprehensive car insurance for your newer fleet to reduce the average costs in the long term.

We can negotiate for you for a lower premium because of bulk discount.¬†We handled many car rental agencies, hire purchase firms and delivery firms’ motor insurance coverage so we understand how we can bargain for lower rates.